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Be Your Own Boss – From Trucker To Real Estate Investor


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Here is a new Case Study Video from one of my mentor students. It is titled, “Be Your Own Boss – From Trucker To Real Estate Investor”.

I believe the best way to learn the business of real estate investing is to hear how others have done it.

When these interviews were recorded, I asked Mike, the interviewer to ask questions that would help the viewer see how these folks got started.

I wanted to hear the struggles, the successes and a clear path and explanation of what they had to do to make these deals happen.

I did NOT want them to just be a bunch of people telling you how wonderful Joe Crump was. I wanted content, examples and real life experiences.

I hope we succeeded.


My 6 month mentor program:

A few Case Study Video Interviews with my Students:


“Be Your Own Boss – From Trucker To Real Estate Investor”


Rodney: Rodney Rhodes from Indianapolis, Indiana. Looking for more information in investing real estate. I’ve been learning about investing in real estate since 1987, 1988. Did my first seminar back then and it was a foreclosure seminar. Went out and knocked on some doors. It wasn’t happening. So, kind of put it on the back burner for a while. I went to the military and did some other things, but I still had the desire because what I heard her say on the radio that I could be my own boss. And so from thence forward I never forgot about wanting to be my own boss and kept looking for opportunities. Real estate just seemed to be the way. I kept hearing that most wealthy people make their wealth in real estate. So I stayed on that course.

Rodney: I had the confidence to get into a couple of deals that for myself, personally, which I’ve done like three and then I did rehab a house with another group, but I had a lot more help. It wasn’t something that I could just walk into on my own. I didn’t have the confidence at that time. I had friends who were investing in, they kind of threw me a bond, so they made it easy for me to do and after I did that one, my confidence wasn’t there and I just kind of let it fall by the wayside again. Put it on the back burner again for a little while.

Rodney: Then after that I got my license, thought that would give me the confidence to do it, but didn’t happen. Got into that and just wasn’t comfortable with the phone calls. Wasn’t comfortable knocking on doors. Because that first experience that I had in California with foreclosures, it was kind of a bad on. I went and knocked on the door and people were in the house and it was supposed to be empty.

Rodney: In Joe’s system the main thing that I’ve acquired is the confidence. I haven’t had my first deal yet close, but I have had several that I have come close, also, but they weren’t in the right guideline situation, different things like that. I’ve got lease memos signed. Made lots of phone calls. My confidence is through the roof because Joe’s system is easy to follow, it’s simple, it helped me to stop overcomplicating it and looking forward to the future to put road blocks in front of myself.

Rodney: It really boosted my confidence to where now I have my license again and it’s even helped me in that area. Just all around the journey is what I’m enjoying now, more so than the actual income off of it. I’m self-employed. I’m an entrepreneur so I do have another business that I do to sustain my standard of living. But I would not trade this experience for anything because it has developed me as an entrepreneur who can use the knowledge that I’m learning to actually make money. I’ve got leads, experience in talking to people, the confidence and I’ve got deals pending.

Rodney: I’ve got two now, they look hopeful because neither of them are behind on their payments. The first three deals that I actually was able to get memos for, they were behind on their payments. I talked with Joe and went round and round trying to figure out a way to help this one particular individual. But the other two, after the first one I knew the other two were not feasible, so I followed Joe’s advice on the first on and I didn’t have the problem on the second two as far as wondering what to do with it. So I was able to make decisions on those.

Rodney: Now, these two, neither one of them are behind, but they do have some challenges which I am just enjoying the ability to have a resource that I can go to to get answers for any questions. Quick responses from the emails. The resources to actually have a funnel, you keep you pipeline full? It’s filled automatically. A lot of people think getting into real estate you have to worry about getting leads and having your pipeline filled. Well, I’ve got more leads than I ever know what to do with.

Rodney: So I just need to make sure that I’m more focused on helping the people and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. This is a career move. This is something I enjoy doing. I will be doing this until I can no longer do it.

Rodney: Now, it’s not about making money. It’s about more free time. Hence my business for real estate is free time lifestyle. I want more free time for my grandkids, more free time for my son and my daughter and then to be able to give back and have more free time.

Rodney: The risk is a lot higher in what I currently do. I’m a truck driver. I do have a trucking business. I have two trucks. I have another driver who’s been driving the other truck and what I have been doing is phasing that out.

Rodney: What I’ve done personally to get leads, I have the push button Automarketer. I have used the newspaper. I have purchased leads from a couple of sources just to try that out. I also have access to some other realtor leads as well, so I’m learning to be as diverse as I possibly can. I’ve also put up signs. I plan to do flyers. But the majority of the leads that I have for the push button method is from actual Automarketer.

Rodney: I would say it’s a good choice to go into. It’s a good career to go into. However, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. So if you’re looking at this as some way to make fast money, there are ways to make fast money but it doesn’t always happen. If you are anti-social or if you don’t like talking to people, there are ways to get started, but you must talk to people. If you don’t have any money, and you must start from where you are and be willing to go through the time process of learning what to say and how to say it, then I would recommend, if they don’t have any money, then I would have to possibly tell them a couple of things they could do.

Rodney: They could go online and watch a lot of Joe’s videos that are free. I watched two years’ worth of them before I actually came to this event because like I said, I got a year of acquiring information and he was down to Earth and just warm and welcoming and gave a wealth of information and so, yeah, I would say just do it, but do it for the right reason.

Rodney: I would recommend this to anyone who’s considering going into real estate and who doesn’t have any money and their credit is not that great. If they just want to do it for themselves, or build wealth. It is a way to make money quick, but it’s not a get rich quick thing. You can make some money fast, but it’s not a big get rich quick scheme. It’s not. You really have to deal with, and you can make, some people have made money in two weeks. Some people have done it over time and real estate is still one of the greatest wealth building areas in our country.

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