Been Trying To Sell A House For Over A Year – Using Joe’s Method, We Sold It In A Week


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“Been Trying To Sell A House For Over A Year – Using Joe’s Method, We Sold It In A Week”

Patrick: Patrick Bass from North Little Rock, Arkansas. Through YouTube we had, my wife and I had done quite a bit of research looking for a mentor and we’ve already been through a mentor program and it was great and we learned a lot and made a lot of money. But we wanted some more and we found Joe and liked his style so here we are. I called several different places and Joe would actually pick up, he picked up the phone and I was talking with him and the other people had somebody call me back and it was high pressure sales and so that, he actually picked up and that made all the difference.

Patrick: right now and I hope to see those close as soon as we get back. And we actually, I just go word today that we’ve got a house that we’ve been trying to sell for over a year, but using Joe’s method we sold it in a week. We’ll make about $8,000 off of that house doing a rent to own. Using his method it shortened it quite a bit. Trying to sell it on our own and trying to sell it with a realtor it has taken many hours and using Joe’s, just use, a put a, maybe two hours? That’s good.

Interviewer: That’s amazing.

Patrick: It really is!

Patrick: I do have one that’s, should be, I should make $15,000 to $20,000 on that I should close on next week. It is, it’s subject to deal. The people are wanting to build their own home and they don’t want the equity in their home so, my end game is to get another rent to own buyer in there and there’s $15,000 equity and shouldn’t be able to make that pretty easy.

Patrick: I would like to make at least $2,000 to $3,000 per deal. My ultimate goal is to be free, ultimately free. To have enough money coming in to pay all my bills in case something happens with one of my other jobs or to my wife’s job, we don’t have to worry about that and then it’d be time free. Time is very valuable to me. With Joe’s program we are, we’re learning to streamline everything, learning to put things into systems that I think will allow us a whole lot more time freedom and time to spend with, as a family, spend time together and go on a lot more vacations together and do things that we want to do and not as much as we have to do.

Patrick: I think, I’m a swim coach, I will probably always have at least a foot in the door in that. I love that, but I don’t plan for that to be my full time income here shortly. Plan to step away from that. We’ve just started using the Automarketer. Text blast was amazing. We clicked it once and it sent out I think maybe 150 texts within two minutes and then, I mean, it was almost a 40% to 50% return on the leads that we got from it. So, and we’ve only used it once and it was almost overwhelming and we still are calling people back from that. So I would plan to definitely keep doing that.

Patrick: There is a lot of education in books and the reading, and YouTube videos. Joe’s videos, I mean, he’s got hundreds of videos and I would definitely start watching those to be able to get the first deal done. Then as soon as you’ve got the money from your first deal turn that into a mentor and then take action, you know, just take action, positive action.

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