How To Build A List of Investors To Buy Your Houses


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Read Transcript for “How To Build A List Of Investors To Buy Your Houses”

In this video, I’ll teach you how to build a list of sellers, buyers and investors that will get you the leads you need to follow up on and work with.

“I know you’ve got a huge list of investors, so it’s probably pretty easy for you to flip your investment properties. Can you tell me the best ways to build my list?” – Frank Dalagostino, Queens, New York

Joe: Well, he’s right. I have a huge list. I have about 60,000 people who are real estate investors on my list right now, so when I get a good property for sale, I’ll just blast it out to my list and usually we can sell it within minutes, and if not, usually within a day or two. So it makes it very easy to move good investment properties.
Joe: But keep in mind that no matter how big your list is, if you don’t have a good deal to offer, it’s not going to do you any good – nobody’s going to buy a bad deal even if you have a huge list, so you have to learn how to structure the deals properly so that people will buy the properties that you have.
Joe: Building that list isn’t really that difficult. It takes time to do it, and you have to keep replenishing it because people do leave your list sometimes, but you want to be able to keep fresh people coming in all the time and to keep selling to people that are still interested in what you have to sell.
Joe: I use autoresponders, I use videos like this, and we’ll send out information about my properties and all sorts of other things to market to the list. My list is worth millions and millions of dollars to me, but even a list with just a hundred people can be worth thousands and thousands of dollars to you – it can make you a lot of money over time.
Joe: And as you build it, if you use these techniques that I’m teaching, it’ll continue to help you grow your business, create sustainable and consistent income. At any particular point in time, you can just do a blast out to your list and sell something else and make some money.
Joe: I remember John Lennon used to say that if he wanted a swimming pool, all he has to do is sit down and write a song. He could immediately monetize anything that he did because he had a group of people who always wanted to hear what he had to do no matter what it was that he did.
Joe: So, I think that if you can put yourself in that same position (maybe not as quite as big as John Lennon) where you have a group of people that are interested in what you have to sell all the time and they’re taking a look at what you have to say, it’s going to make you a lot of money.
Joe: Let’s talk about how to build that list. It depends on the kind of list you’re building. If you’re looking for people that are selling their property, that’s one way. Let’s say we’re looking for people who we want to do the “For Rent Method” with – those people are people that have homes listed for rent.
Joe: A lot of people that have homes listed for rent are landlords who have multiple properties. So if we get them on our list, and they don’t work with us the first time through, they might work with us on the next property or the next property and they might have 10 or 20 or 50 properties that they can work with us on.
Joe: We even do this with property managers. Often, when you get a little bit better at this and become a little bit more savvy, you can talk to people who have a lot of properties and they’ll feel confident that you can do the job for them. But even at the beginning, just finding people that have one property that they couldn’t sell on the MLS and they have to get it rented so that somebody will make the mortgage payment for them – we can solve that problem for them as well. And that’s what the “For Rent Method” is all about.
Joe: Let’s say you’re not as good as you should be and you’re still practicing, and they say no to you, what you do then is make sure to capture their email.
Joe: So, you have their phone number and their name and then you put them into your autoresponder. Your autoresponder then goes out to them once every two or three weeks and says, ‘Hey, I’m still interested in buying your property. If you’ve changed your mind, please give me a call.’
Joe: You send these out on a regular basis until they unsubscribe themselves from your list, which they can by simply clicking the link at the bottom just like you can unsubscribe yourself from my list by clicking the link at the bottom that says unsubscribe. Or, maybe eventually they will actually do something with you.
Joe: The exciting thing about using an autoresponder like that is that you put it on autopilot, you never think about it again, and then when those people are ready – maybe they’re not ready this week or next week or next month – but maybe they’re ready in two or three months and they finally give up after that period of time if they don’t find somebody to fill their property, then they come to you and say, ‘What you have to say makes sense. You’ve been persistent and you’ve always followed up with me. I’m ready to go.’
Joe: You’ll think, ‘Who are you?’ and then you’ll realize, ‘Oh yeah, it’s somebody who’s on my autoresponder’ then you put a deal together with them; that’s pretty exciting stuff when that happens.
Joe: Now, you don’t have to have an autoresponder, and I tell my beginners, ‘Don’t worry about it if you don’t have an autoresponder at the beginning – just put them on a list and once a week, go through there and send out a blast to everybody that’s on your list. If you made 20 offers that week, then you have to send out 20 emails in a couple of weeks to remind everybody.’
Joe: I suggest that you do it on the same day because it’s easy – just go boom, boom, boom right through it and if you don’t have any money, then it makes it easy to do that.
Joe: But once you set up the autoresponder, you’ll never have to think about it again. You can delegate the work to somebody else and that makes your job a lot easier.
Joe: Finding those For Rent Method deals is just a matter of finding people that have their homes listed for rent. It also includes for sale by owners. Do you know how many for sale by owners there are in the country right now?
Joe: You don’t have to do this just locally – you can do this all over the country – you can build a huge business doing just this one method and doing it all over the country. You can do a great business making hundreds of thousands of dollars just doing it in your local town. Even if you’re in a small town, you can do it.
Joe: As soon as you find sellers, you also want to add the process of finding buyers. That’s a matter of advertising your properties. One of the great sources we’ve used I don’t think everybody knows about is a website called I love that site because it actually posts it out to Craigslist for you and it posts it to a few real estate feeds as well, and usually you get leads coming in almost immediately from those sources.
Joe: I’d also post your ads on Craigslist. Have someone do it for you if you don’t have the time. It’s very cheap to get somebody on Elance or find somebody who will do the grunt work for you, get all of that done so that you don’t have to think about it and you can focus on the things that are going to make you the most money fastest.
Joe: Now, you may not have any money to start out with here. Maybe you don’t have an extra 20 bucks a week that you can pay somebody to do your grunt work for you. So, spend some extra time and do it yourself. Put a little bit more effort into it and make it happen. You either have more time or you have more money to devote to this. If you have more time, then you can do it yourself. If you have more money, then you can get somebody else to do it for you.
Joe: You do the thing that makes you the most money, which is making the offer on the property. And when you get into my mentor program, that’s the thing that you’re going to hear me say over and over and over again to try to get people refocused on the thing that makes the most sense.
Joe: Now, if you’re looking for investors who are going to buy properties, what better place to go than to the newspapers that have ads that say, ‘I’ll buy homes for cash’? Those people are actively looking for property.
Joe: Some of those people aren’t very good at what they do. Some people don’t know what they’re doing, some of them just saw an ad in this newspaper from some real estate teacher somewhere, and then they’ve run it and when they get a call, they don’t know what to do about it.
Joe: I think if you call some of these ads, you won’t even get calls back from them. These people are paying a hundred dollars a week for these ads.
Joe: You’ll find these kinds of ads all over the country and they don’t have to be local investors to buy your local properties. They can be from anywhere in the country, and from out of the country for that matter. I’ve sold properties to people in Europe or in the U.K, in Canada, in Mexico, in Australia, etc. I’ve sold properties to people all around the world. They can buy them from you. So, that’s how you build a list like that.
Joe: I have specific techniques to help you do that. These techniques are free, by the way. If you use or Craigslist or Backpage or some of the other sites, they give you an opportunity to list properties for sale, find properties that are for sale, and they’re free advertising – it doesn’t cost you anything to find these leads.
Joe: If you automate the process, you can get these leads coming into you all the time, which is what I do and what I teach, but, even if you just get on these websites and start responding to the people that have these ads, you’re going to get leads and you’re going to start filling your pipeline. And you’re going to find buyers.
Joe: Another thing that we use to find leads is signs. The signs are still a great bang for your buck; it’s one of the most phenomenal ways to sell anything. My friend Azam sold 9 $90,000$ Mercedes in one day, using ugly bandit signs like we use to sell houses, and of course he sells houses using these techniques as well. It’s just a matter of learning what to put on them, where to put them and then how to respond to the people that come through and then being able to offer something to them that makes sense to them.
Joe: This all comes back to providing value for the person you’re doing this for. Whether it’s giving an investor a good deal, whether it’s helping a seller sell a property they couldn’t sell themselves, or whether it’s helping a buyer find a property they couldn’t get into without your help – those are the things that make you the money. And if you focus on those things and build the list and use the free advertising techniques that I teach you, or have somebody else implement those strategies for you so that you can focus on just making offers, then your business will be phenomenal.
Joe: With the people who come through my program who do these things, I see them take off in ways that changes their life for the rest of their life. Once you learn how to do this stuff, you never have to think of yourself as unemployed ever again. There’s a lot of fear out there right now about people losing their jobs, and when you know how to do this kind of thing, you never think about being unemployed.
Joe: I could lose everything that I have today and tomorrow I could find a way to make money (and I don’t want to lose everything I have – I’d like to keep it) – I don’t worry about losing it; it’s not a big concern. I want to try to hold onto what I have and I do the best to do that. I do my best to protect my assets and protect my investments and I try to invest in the right things, but sometimes I make mistakes, and then maybe one day I’ll make such a huge mistake that I lose everything.
Joe: I hope that doesn’t happen and I think I have my bases covered, but you never know – you don’t know what life’s going to throw your way. Maybe I’ll become disabled. Maybe something will happen and I won’t be able to walk around anymore. As long as I’ve got my brain and mind, I’m going to be able to make money because I understand the techniques and I understand how to make that work.
Joe: As soon as you sign up for my program, one of the first things that we send you is the list building program, so you start learning how to build lists immediately. That’s not the thing I’m going to have you focus on at the very beginning, although it’s going to be something that automatically comes out of the other things you’re doing. But it is one of the things that you will learn from the very beginning so that you can start making money immediately.
Joe: And, just using the techniques that I told you right here on this video right now can make you a phenomenal amount of money and build your list to be huge in a very short period of time – thousands of people within just a few months. I hope that helps. Good luck.

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