Can I Run My Business Remotely Across State Lines


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Can I Run My Business Remotely Across State Lines

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. The next question I hear a lot is, ”I’m in X city and I don’t believe that it’ll work in my city,” and, which I disagree with. We’ve been able to do this in every city in the country. We’ve been able to do this in places outside the country, in places in Europe, Australia, the UK, Canada, Mexico. I had a guy in Kazakhstan doing this. I had a, you know, I had a lady in Dubai doing this. So, I know that these techniques will work anywhere you’re at. But, a lot of times what I find is, if my students don’t believe they can do something, they probably can’t. You know, if you don’t believe you can pull something off, it makes it really difficult to do it.

Joe: So, sometimes it makes sense to start someplace else. So, let’s say you’re in a really high end market and you’re a newbie, you’re green, you’re wet behind the ears, you know, all that stuff. And you get on the phone and you talk to somebody’s who got a $700K property and people that have $700K properties expect a lot. They expect you to be competent. And they expect you to be smart and it’s intimidating sometimes when you are just getting started talk to them.

Joe: And it might be easier talking to someone, and it may not be that $150K property owner expects anything less, but, I think the perception is, oh, they’ve got $150K property. They don’t have as much money so they must not be as important as somebody who has a $700K property. You know, it’s ludicrous that we actually think this but I think that a lot of people actually have that feeling and they get intimidated. So, instead of, if you’re in a big high end market, sometimes it makes sense to work in a low end market, too.

Joe: I like working in high end markets because you make more money on them. And if you’re competent, you’ll make money, but it’s also, if you’re working in the market where you live, you can go fact to face with people and sometimes people will trust you more if they see you face to face. And so, work the high end market that you’re in. But also work another market, maybe a lower end market you know, Midwest, rust belt, sun belt, you know, you can work in a lot of different states and work, you don’t have to do this locally. It can be remotely.

Joe: So let’s say I’m in California, southern California and I’m in a, you know, $500K average price range area and I start doing the Automarketer in that area and I’m bringing in leads and I’m talking to people and I’m not getting deals together, so I decide let’s also do it in Memphis. I want to do it in Memphis, Tennessee, the property values are in the $200K range. I can work with those people and I’m little more comfortable talking to them and I talk to them from California, in Memphis, and somebody says, “Yes. I’m going to do the memo with you. I’ll sign the memo. I’ll do a deal with you.”

Joe: You can then put an ad in craigslist, find boots on the ground, say I need somebody who’s going to go to this house, put a sign in the yard, put a lockbox on the door, take pictures for me, get a signature, you know, or you can do that through the internet, by the way – everything you can do through the internet and on the phone these days – and that way everything can be shunted through that other person. And you can do everything without leaving your house.

Joe: My philosophy is that if I have to leave the house I lose three hours. So my philosophy is don’t leave the house. Try to do everything from your home so you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. Nobody else is distracting you. You can shut off the phone when you need to, you can focus on what you need to do. You can make the calls when you need to, and you can call back people that weren’t able to reach you while you’re talking to them.

Joe: And that way you’ll have the most valuable use an productive use of your time. You know, you don’t want to be doing this, you know, twelve hours a day. You want to do this two hours a day, three hours a day, and have the same income that you would have made on the job that you’re working now, working eight hours a day.

Joe: All right. I hope that helps.

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