Can I Use Your System Outside The USA?


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I have investors using my system in the USA in their home town.

I have them working in the USA in different (sometimes multiple) States in the USA.

I have people using the system in other countries (Canada, Australia, UK, Continental Europe, Philippines, Kazakhstan and a few others).

I have people working FROM other countries IN the USA (all those above plus Dubai and some other middle eastern countries).

One of the beauties of this system is that you never have to leave your house and you can do it all remotely.

Here are my thoughts on this process.

You can watch it in this video.

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Read Transcript for “Can I Use Your System Outside The USA?”

“I’ve got a question. I live in the Netherlands. Does your method also work over here or is it possible to apply your methods in other countries other than the United States?” – Ad Vandenberg, Netherlands

Joe: Of course, the answer is yes. Any place where there’s a free market and property is transferred by deed, it’s possible to do what I’m teaching unless there’s some specific regulating in that area that prohibits it, and from what I’ve seen, that isn’t the case. There are some modifications that have to be made in certain areas.
Joe: Texas has some lease option laws that we have to abide by, but if you’re in my program I have a different contract for Texas lease option deals that help us comply with what they’re asking for that I’d be happy to email you if you’re in my program. We can do the same thing in any area that is slightly different than what we’re dealing with in most of the United States.
Joe: I have people in Australia, the U.K., the Philippines and a guy in Kazakhstan doing this. We’ve got people all over the world that are doing this or have done this method and have done lease option deals and made money doing it.
Joe: As long as you’re in a free market, you’re not going to have a problem making this work. You may say, ‘Well, I’m in the Netherlands, why don’t I do it in the United States from the Netherlands?’ And that’s possible, too using the Automarketer because it can set this whole system up and make that work. So if you’re interested in that, go to and check it out. It’s got a lot of interesting techniques that allow you to do everything remotely.
Joe: My goal by building the Automarketer was to never have to leave the house, and when I discovered that I don’t have to leave the house any more, it meant that I can do it anywhere I want without going there personally, and that’s what I accomplished with the Automarketer and I think that we did a pretty good job with it. So give it a try. Alright, good luck!

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