Can You Personally Show Me How To Buy Properties?

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Read Transcript for “Can You Personally Show Me How To Buy Properties?”

A master diesel mechanic can teach you how to find the good deals much quicker than a book can. That’s how my Mentor Program works – having someone who’s a master at real estate show you how to find the deals and do the things that make you money.

“Can you personally show me how to buy properties? It sure seems like it’d be easier if I had someone walk me through the process a few times.”

Joe: I use this example a lot: I don’t know anything about working on cars or diesel mechanics but I know a guy who’s a really good diesel mechanic, and they have these thick books on how to change things in the engines, how to work on the carburetor, etc. You can read that book and learn all about diesel mechanics and how to fix a diesel engine.

Joe: There are two ways that I can do this. One is I can read a book, and the other way is I could stand next to a professional master diesel mechanic and he can point at the tools and say, ‘Take that wrench. Put it on that nut and turn it. Then, do this and take that hose and push it there, and do that’, etc., telling me exactly what to do with what tools, and what I’m trying to accomplish while I’m doing it. That would be much easier than trying to go into a book and trying to figure out specifically what needs to be done.

Joe: ‘Here’s what you need to focus on. Here are the things you need to do first. Stop wasting your time doing these activities; they’re not making you money. Focus on the things that are making you money. Here are the three things that you need to do to make money.’ Those are the things that I do in my mentor program for my mentor students.

Joe: So many times, I’ll get them started and I’ll say, ‘Go work on this, this and this,’ and they’ll get working on those things and then they’ll get sidetracked. They have to go off and do this, get their LLC, fix their database, make some more signs, and they have to go off on these other tangents with things that don’t make them money. There are times when you have to do those things; those things have to be taken care of at some point, but those aren’t the things that you want to start with – you want to start with the activities that make you the money. Those are the things that having a mentor can help you do. Thanks.

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