Can You Show Me How To Automate My Business?


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Read Transcript for “Can You Show Me How To Automate My Business?”

“I love computers and the internet. How can I use it effectively to automate my business?”

Joe: Oh, I love that question because I love them too. I love technology. I love automation. I love having the computer do things for me. It makes it so much more fun and it makes your job so much easier when the computer does so much for you.
Joe: Even in my business, I’ve got two people that work for me. One of them is part time and one of them is full time. The full time person is my mom. My part time person is my dad. They do a lot of administrative work for my business. I keep them pretty busy, but with a lot of the other stuff that we do, I need ten or twenty other people to do all of the other things that we do, i.e. the follow-up that we do, the fulfillment that we do, etc. I’ve got people that are outside my group that we have do work to but we don’t really need that many people because we’ve got the whole process automated.
Joe: You can do the same thing with your real estate business; you can automate every function of it. One of the things that I’ve done with the “Push Button Method”, which a lot of you have already purchased (you’ve got the CDs on it)…
Joe: That, by the way, came out of the Mentor Program. We developed those ideas from within the Mentor Program. With the people that were working on it every day, they needed a website for something, so I’d help build a website. When they needed a recording for something, I’d write copy and wed record it. When they needed a new ad, we’d create that ad. When they needed to set up an autoresponder series, I’d set up an autoresponder series to show them how to do it, so now we’ve got autoresponders for buyers, sellers and investors. We’ve got a way to set all of that stuff up and be able to communicate with your people and your buyers and sellers on a regular basis.
Joe: To get them to build trust in you without your doing anything. They trust you more, they think that you’re more credible, they think you’ve got a real business going and that you’re a going affair, and that’s simply by sending out emails to them. We also do voice blasts where we can do automatic voice blasts to lists of leads that we think are going to either sell properties or buy properties from us.
Joe: So, technology is something that this whole Mentor Program is steeped in. You learn an awful lot here. You’ll learn a lot more than you’ll really probably want to know. I can also show you how to get people to do the work for you, to set it up for you, so you don’t have to know how to do it; you don’t have to know how to set up a website or an autoresponder or a voice blaster. You don’t have to know how to do that stuff – you can hire somebody to do it for you and I show you how to get those people to do that for you.
Joe: So yes, absolutely – automate your business, systematize it. I’m all about creating systems. If you can create a system, you can duplicate your business and you can sell it to somebody else, and that’s the goal. Thanks, now.

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