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Closing Thoughts – Come Partner With Me

Hey it’s Joe Crump. This is the end of this particular series and since I’m ending, every time I end a series I always like to invite you to my mentor program. I’ve got a couple of things that I think are phenomenal that I’m very proud of. One is my mentor program the other is the Automarketer. I’ve got some really good books on Amazon that you might want to take a look at, but the Automarketer, if you can’t afford the mentor program, just get the Automarketer. It’ll help you, it’s got good training in it. Of course you don’t get my help personally but it’s still a good system and it’ll help you get up and running and going.

Joe: The mentor program, though is, it’s not quite as expensive as going to college but it’s still a significant investment. If you want more information about it just go to and it explains how much it costs, what the discounts are, what the payment plan is, all those things. But just take my word for it. It’s like going to college for a semester. And I have a few things that I require of people before they get into it. You know, you have guaran – you have to commit to me that you’re going to work eight to ten hours a week doing the tasks that I give you, not just listening to the materials, that you’re going to give yourself time to succeed, it’s going to take you three or four months to start making money in my program. And that you’re going to follow though and that you’re going to bring a good attitude. I tell everyone no whiners or complainers in my group. I want positive energy in my program.

Joe: This is what I do, you know, I want good people around me and usually I find that when you have good people and they’re all working together for the same goals they eventually all get there. You have negativity come into the group it’s poison and it eats things, it eats things up. But, in this program, there’s lots of good material that you’re going to get. But the most valuable thing that you’re going to get from it is my personal help. Every other week we have a conference call and all I do on those calls is answer questions. So if my mentor students get on the call and I just answer their questions. And I help them through the process and sometimes we do role playing so I can hear what they’re saying to their sellers and I can say, “Don’t say this, say this. Instead of doing this, do that. You’re having this problem? Here’s how to fix it, and do this instead.” You know, “Why aren’t you doing this work? Why are you going this direction instead of this direction? Do you remember me talking about this? Let’s go in this direction instead. Here are the materials that you need to listen to. This is what’s most important.”

Joe: You know, I’ve got 500 audio/videos on my blog. You know, it’d take a long time to get through that. What I do is have a mentor package that actually consolidates everything but even that is still so big that there’s no way you could get through it all in six months unless that’s all you did was listen to materials. So I’ll say, “Go listen to this audio first, you know, these three audios, and then start making offers. The first week I want you to make offers.” And these are all zero down offers. No credit offers. You don’t need a license to do this. You know, you can do this from your home on the telephone and get started and you can do it in just about any country in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a telephone and you know, the chutzpah to actually get out there and start doing the work.

Joe: And if you use the Automarketer, you’re going to get a bunch of leads coming in that will get you up to bat making offers instead of doing cold calls which you could, you could do the cold calls, but there’s no reason to unless you’re just trying to save the two hundred bucks a month. I’d say about 85% of my mentor students also use the Automarketer. It is an extra expense, but it’s probably, well, I’m convinced that it’s worth it. It’s a good system and it’ll bring you a lot of leads, it’ll help you be organized and it’ll help you automate everything that you do.

Joe: I see a lot of people that come through this program and the, I think I’ve mentioned before that you know, not everybody succeeds. Not everybody makes it. I have a guarantee for my program. It says if you don’t, if you do what I tell you and you don’t make money I’ll give you your money back. And I mean that. I’ve never had anyone that followed through with the process, that did the work as they promised they would do it, over the time that they would do it, with the amount of hours that I asked them to do, that they promised me that they would do, I’ve never had anybody go through that situation and not make money.

Joe: I’ve have plenty of people that have come into the program and not do the work and not follow through. And it’s not because they were lazy, it’s because life got in the way, or they got scared, or they nervous or they started feeling, like I’d have guys come in that, like a realtor, who made a ton of money in his business and he wanted to do something different because it’s not that much fun to be a realtor. So he wanted to do something different and work less hours and make more money doing it.

Joe: But he was making so much money as a realtor that you know, he got tired when it was time to do the work and he wouldn’t do it and there was a longer learning curve to learn how to do this new thing even though he was a realtor. He still had this learning curve and so he didn’t do the work. And I’ve had several people like this. And later they sometimes come back and you know, they come to the buying events later and they say, hey, Joe, I’m ready to do the work now. I’m ready to get down to business. You know, I really don’t want to do this anymore. It was eating me alive before. Let’s get down to business and do it. I’ll say, I’m with you. Let’s make it happen. And we’ll go through and they’ll start making money and it’ll change their life.

Joe: I’ve seen other people that came in with absolutely no experience at all and they said, “Joe, I don’t even know what a, the difference between a deed and a title,” you know? So I’ll help them understand what these things are. “I don’t know any of the zero down structures. How do I buy property with nothing down? How is that possible? I talked to my realtor cousin and he says it’s impossible. I talked to an attorney and he told me it was impossible. How do you do that?” I say, “Well, I’ve done hundreds of them.”

Joe: And I’ve got my students and we’ve done thousands of them. So it is possible. Here are the things that are doing it. Go look at those case study videos that are on the case studies site. You know, if you go to there’s a link there that takes you to the case studies and you can listen to videos of other students. There’s sixty or seventy or a hundred of them on there that, of people that have gone through this process. And there’s even a couple of videos of some of the people where they’ve come back and they’ve said here’s where I’ve gone from there. So you kind of get a better feel for what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Joe: And I think those things will really help you get through this process. Also, between conference calls you’ll still have access to me. I answer emails usually within twenty-four business hours. I don’t work on weekends, I don’t work on holidays. And I’m pretty good about getting back with you. And you know, that’s all stuff that I can do for you. And I can help you through this process and I can keep you focused on what’s important and give you a little bit of moral support.

Joe: Also, the other people that are in this program, they’re entrepreneurs. You know, the 3% of the population out there are entrepreneurs. You guys are dealing with 97% of the people every day who are not entrepreneurs, who think you’re insane. But in my group, everybody’s insane. They’re all entrepreneurs. Instead of 3% I’ve got 100% entrepreneurs in my group. And it’s so much fun to work with these people because they have a different way of looking at the world. And my guess is you wouldn’t be watching this video unless you had that different way of looking at things, unless you wanted the kind of freedom that you can get through doing a program like this, you know, by having a business like this. You know, the kind of freedom that allows you not just to make a bunch of money, which, it’s nice, but that’s not the, really the goal. The goal is, for me I wanted to be able to be home when my kids came home from school so I could be with them and I could take a day off if they had a day off or I could go travel someplace or I have students that send me emails from you know, places when they travel. “Hey, I’m in Belize right now, and, you know, sitting on a beach and I just did a deal, you know, on my cellphone, and online.”

Joe: And you know, this, you can do this from anywhere as long as you’ve got a cellphone connection or you’ve got an internet connection you can make that stuff happen. And that’s the beauty of this. I’ve got people that live, they travel around in a trailer you know, a mobile home. Great big motor home that they’ve been able to buy and they travel all over the country. And it’s not my thing, but it sounds like they’re having a blast when I get notes and emails from them. And for those of you who are doing stuff like this that are, that have gone through this program, I’d love to hear from you. I love to hear success stories. I love to hear what you’re doing. You know, if I’m able to, I’ll put it up on my newsletter or I’ll put it up on one of these, you know, videos or whatever. Just tell me what you’re doing because most of the people that are on my videos that have come to my buying event. They’re all mentor students because it’s easier to set up the, you know, someone to do interviews at those events and we pull a few people out that are doing well and interview them and you know, put them up online for you. There’s no reason you can’t be one of those people, that you can’t do that.

Joe: Yes, they are the exception, not the rule, and it’s important for me to say that. But, there’s no reason you can’t be that person.

Joe: Anyway. I’m rambling. I’m on my soapbox. I wish you the best and until the next series, I wish you all the best. Thanks now. Bye bye.

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