“Did My First Deal In 2 Weeks – Paid For The Course and everything else has been icing on the cake”


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Ryan: My name is Ryan Robb. I’m from Plainfield, Indiana. It’s on the west side of Indianapolis about 15 minutes away. I’ve been in Joe’s program technically since last September.

Interviewer: Last September?

Ryan: Yes, so about 4, going on 5 months now. We finally got the ball rolling in September and pinned down a couple of deals right off the bat. I was at the September Buying Event both days. I did some calls and actually one of the calls that I did led to an email with a seller on Sunday evening and then I signed up the deal Tuesday evening at the appointment I had made with him. We had $5,000 in hand and a happy seller and a happy buyer by Friday of the following week. We had money in our hand actually 2 deals after the buyer looked at it on Wednesday night and they had money in hand on Friday night. We signed all the papers on Saturday afternoon so the following Friday whenever the seller got their stuff moved out, the buyer was all ready to move in. he was moving in right on their heels, so it was a very nice deal.
Ryan: A quick $5,000 and I had probably 4 hours’ worth of work into the deal and a good hour and a half of it was just spent with the seller talking about what they wanted and what they needed and what kind of time frame they had. The buyer was very happy to get into their home. It was actually a military couple. The gal’s husband is busy in Iraq right now. He is a contractor and he’s overseas and they actually were in I think, Baton Rouge and she had come up here to be with family but they really didn’t have room in their family’s house for her to stay, so she was actually staying in a long term hotel and living out of her car basically. And she was just extremely happy. It was one of those deals like you called it – “The Crying Quotient”. She gave me a hug and she cried, and so that was a nice first deal.
Ryan: The rest of September was basically still making calls to sellers and going on some appointments and learning the curve, the questions that they ask, and just basically getting familiar with how to talk to sellers and being confident, how to work with them and how to handle all of their concerns and then learning about marketing the houses. If I remember correctly, I picked up three more seller homes within 2 weeks.
Ryan: Actually, one of them was a home run because I picked up a guy that used to be a realtor that now owns a construction company and when his guys aren’t busy, which is pretty much most of the time right now with the economy, he goes and buys foreclosed homes and undervalued homes and he puts his boys to work on those in fixing them up and then renting them out. It’s been very nice for me because he has me help him rent them out, of course, on a rent to buy. I have never even met this man and he just leaves me a lease option memo at every property that he calls me up about and I just go over to the property, take the pictures, put out the sign, put the lockbox on the property and then market the property. So far, he’s given me – we’ve done 4 deals with him so far and never even met the seller, so it’s very lucrative.
Ryan: Things are really picking up now. We’re picking up some buyers. I know another guy that I work with here in town and he just closed a deal last night right in the parking lot here. So it’s been very, very good. So, that’s the basis of where we started and where we are right now.
Ryan: The stuff that Joe does is more one on one. It’s unique to the point that you get the help and the answers that you need to the questions that you have right away. Like a lot of other people, I’ve been to a lot of seminars and boot camps and all of that kind of stuff, and I’ve spent my fair share of money. But when it comes time to do a deal and you’re face to face with a buyer or a seller or what have you and you’ve got an issue, you really need that support then and there. And these guys are always just with Joe, and his team of people are just a phone call or an email away from getting that help. So, it’s been a huge benefit and a huge help to getting over any type of analysis paralysis or bootcampitis you might have. So, it just works really well.
Ryan: I like all of the deals because you help the people. It’s a win-win situation. Everything is always a win-win situation for everyone. The seller needs to move for some reason or another or a buyer needs to get in for some reason or another. Probably, my most memorable deal so far would be that first one. Being able to help someone that’s living… Well, I did have a gal at Christmas time. I did have a gal at Christmas time. It was actually Christmas Eve. At Christmas Eve, we were visiting with the family out of state and I actually had a voicemail from a gal. She was crying.

Interviewer: Crying.

Ryan: She was crying. She was living in her car and she had a situation where they just got thrown out of their house and she had been living with family. She actually had money (which can be an issue). She actually had money. She had $5,000 down. She saw one of my houses. She was surfing on Craigslist on Christmas Eve, looking for a house and saw one of my ads that the system had posted. And so I get this voicemail that I reluctantly answered, and I listened to it and this gal was just crying. She wanted in this house, and I kid you not – she says, ‘I’ve got $5,000 cash. I want in this house tonight.’ It’s like, ‘Okay’. So, I called up the seller, and was able to get ahold of him on Christmas Eve and I said, ‘Is there any way that you can get this gal to come and look at this house?’ and he said, ‘Sure, we’ll help them out.’
Ryan: So the gal drove and looked at the house. It was a very nice house. It was actually a manufactured home but it had been added onto. It was done beautifully. It was on 2 acres of property in a nice quiet area and everything to raise kids and stuff. She went and looked at the house and the seller showed her the house and she looked at it. Basically she wanted it right then and there.
Ryan: So, the bottom line of what ended up happening is that we spent Christmas day with our family and all and the seller actually had felt so sorry for the gal that they actually paid for her for a motel for, I think, what was Christmas? It was on Friday or Thursday or something like that of last year. He paid for her for the weekend. Then, when I came back on Monday, we took care of all of the paperwork and stuff and they let her live in the 2nd bedroom of this house until the sellers got moved out, which was about 2 weeks ago.
Ryan: So, that was a very nice deal. So yes, that was another ‘Crying Quotient’ – a hug and tears and all of that and kids. It’s always great to see the kids be able to get into the house.
Ryan: Yes, and it was actually that the house itself was one that another student that was in Joe’s program had picked up but we were affiliately marketing (if that’s a word) – but that we were marketing for them. So just a win-win for everybody, you know?
Ryan: When I first signed up about middle of last year with Joe, I did get the websites started and so forth. I really didn’t do a whole lot with them until we got started with that first house. But yes, the websites are responsible for my first deal, I’d say, because that was one that the seller was very concerned about putting a sign in the front yard due to HOA rules and stuff. So, we didn’t. I went home and I put the stuff on the website and within 24 hours, we had two buyers that wanted to look at the property. The next night, I showed the property to those two buyers. They were actually arguing about who was going to put down the money for the house. But the one gal couldn’t come through with her end of it because her husband had to see it and her husband couldn’t make it that evening. He was going to come the next night, but by then, we had already locked the deal up with the other buyer.
Ryan: The one on one support is what a lot of people are looking for but they just don’t get with the other programs. I actually do still have access to another program that I was in previously and you just get a bunch of people that have done some deals and things like that before. But they give you advice from 9 states away that really doesn’t get you any further than you were before you called them. You’ve got to wait 2 or 3 days for a call back from them or something, or be able to get on a conference call or what have you. And that’s the difference between them and Joe and Joe’s program.
Ryan: I think there’s a lot of new and exciting material. Joe’s always involving with his program. The students have input in the way that he does business, too. A lot of new and exciting stuff’s always rolling around. There’s some new things that he went over in this event that’s going to make it quite exciting and quite profitable. And, it’s a collaborative effort between all of the students. The students all contact each other and work together and always have the ability to talk with each other and share ideas and bounce ideas off of each other.
Ryan: I know a lot of people that are probably watching this that have heard of Napoleon Hill and how they can grow rich – “The mastermind group theory”. And it really does work. Even though you may not have someone in your local hometown in backwoods, Tennessee or something like that, you know that you’ve always got a phone that you can pick up and talk to another Joe Crump student to network with, and that’s very powerful and very valuable.
Ryan: Team calls are excellent. Jim Dralle has been very helpful to me. I mean, any time that I’ve ever had an issue, I’ve been able to just jump on a call and get those questions answered. He spends any amount of time that needs to be to get the situation taken care of. If it’s not on a team call or what have you or you need something right away, he’ll take care of it for you. So the team leaders and Jim’s been very great with getting over any issues that you have. And there’s no reason not to use him and not to give him a buzz or shoot him an email.
Ryan: I think, bar none, this is the best place to put any money if you’re going to do a boot camp or join a real estate investing course. There’s people that spend tens of thousands of dollars, or almost 16+ thousand dollars that I’ve heard of people spending in money; I’ve probably come close to that myself. But bar none, this is probably the place to put it and get a first deal done.
Ryan: About two weeks actually, from the time that I placed the call to this particular seller and to the time that I had money. Well, I placed the call on a Saturday evening and I had money in hand the following Friday, so less than a week. And you can figure that that money basically paid for the course, so from there on, it’s just icing on the cake.

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