Did My First deal In One Month – Made $5,000


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Did My 1st Deal In One Month Made $5,000″

Daniel: Daniel Riegel from Galatia, Illinois. Just searching through the internet randomly came across Joe, luckily. I was looking for lease option information because I had a house that I was trying to flip and couldn’t flip it normally, so I was looking at the lease option thing and ended up finding Joe and his information.

Daniel: We’re at five and a half months right now. So, I’m almost done with the program. It was pretty immediate. I’d say, once I found him we probably talked back and forth for a couple weeks and then I jumped right in.

Daniel: I needed help. I needed a mentor. I needed someone to show me the ropes, you know, this is a very expensive thing to trial and error and I’ve trialed and errored it for years and lost a lot of money and needed someone to give me some advice.

Interviewer: How long did it take to do your first deal?

Daniel: One month.

Interviewer: And how much did you make off of that?

Daniel: Five Thousand.

Interviewer: How did you do that? Like, how did you make it happen?

Daniel: I talked to a lot of people, and then I got a little better at it, and eventually someone was willing to give me a chance and let me do it. I used Joe’s techniques and sold it in eight days. They were very impressed and I was impressed. And that was a lease option.

Daniel: Between me and my wife putting all the signs out and the ads and stuff for that particular house about ten hours really is all I had in that one. I average about one a week. Just talking to people and learning the options and being able to explain their options, because they don’t know. Most people don’t know all the things they can do to move a house and after I explain things then they’re more likely to work with me and get it done.

Daniel: I would like to build up my portfolio so that I have a constant stream of passive income coming in and I don’t have to worry about it. I’d really like to automate all the things. I would like to be like Joe, pretty much. I would like to automate everything and kind of sub it out to other people.

Daniel: Oh, I’m a lot less, it has relieved my stress, put it that way. I was telling Joe last night my stress level is directly proportionate to how much money I have. So, being able to have money coming in to buy the properties in cash and to do other things, very helpful. They don’t teach you cash flow, really. He does.

Daniel: Oh, yeah, everything is, everything that you can think of, we have a new car, we have everything paid off now. We’re starting to have more properties in the portfolio, a higher income. The freedom to go do whatever we want whenever we want to do it. Yeah, so every aspect of my life it has changed. I do this full time now.

Interviewer: Why did you decide to do this full time now?

Daniel: I’ve been doing it for a long time as full time. Mostly because I’m in a wheelchair and it’s just hard to be a real estate agent or do it conventionally. So really, being a real estate investor was the most intriguing thing to me for a very long time. Eighteen years.

Daniel: I don’t know enough about it to talk about it, really. My wife handles all the automation, so I’m learning. It’s relieved a lot of the cold calls and the searching for leads. It’s helped a bunch with that. And mostly, for me, it has helped to keep me organized. I’m kind of random. It keeps track of my leads. Keeps track of everything, really. The return phone calls, or not phone calls, but the follow up systems. Those help a bunch. It’s hard to keep track whenever you’re just writing everything down. The first week it’s not so bad, but then you start getting so many calls and so many people that are interested in this, you’ve got to have some system.

Daniel: He starts at the very beginning to help you build the foundation for the business. So from the beginning, not knowing anything, he can show you what to do, where to go next and not everybody can do that. I’ve been in the program for five and a half months. This is my second buying event. I closed my thirteenth deal Saturday before I left and came up here. So, not bad. I like it.

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