Do I Have To Wait Till The Buying Event To Start The Mentor Program?


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“Do I Have To Wait Till The Buying Event To Start The Mentor Program?”


Joe: Hey – it’s Joe. Got another question here. This is about the Mentor Program. “Do I have to wait till the buying event to get started in the Mentor Program?”

Joe: The answer is no, you can start any time. It’s not a specific class. What it is, people come in, I start them out by listening to some audios and then the conference calls that we have are me answering questions about where you’re at. So some people will be in there who know more than you do, and some people will be in there that are brand new and don’t know a thing yet.

Joe: So, you can start anytime in that process and in fact, I think it’s better that you start as soon as you can because if you understand more before you come to the event you’ll start to understand some of the nuance of what I’m teaching at the buying even. Whereas, if you come to the buying event on your first day in the Mentor Program, it’s going to be like drinking from a fire hose. I mean, I have started at the beginning, so you’re still going to get that information. But it’s like taking in a lot of information at once and you’re going to learn the basics. Whereas, if you had already understood the basics, you’re going to start understanding the nuance. You’re going to start to understand the reason why I do what I do and why I’m teaching what I’m teaching and how to tweak it.

Joe: I find that the people that come back to the second event or the third event or the tenth event – those people – when they come back they can walk away with just one idea that makes them more money than their first five events made them in total. Because one little idea in a business that’s already existing, one little idea that can transform their business is often more valuable than a whole bunch of information just as you’re getting started because you’ve already got the momentum and they already know how to implement everything else and they suddenly hear one idea that I may have even taught before, but, they didn’t hear it because they were trying to grasp the other stuff.

Joe: So, I say, yes, come to the event on the first day if you have to, but if it’s possible, try to join the Mentor Program before you come to the event.

Joe: All right. Hope that helps.

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