Do You Buy Properties In Real-Time At The Buying Event?


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Read Transcript for “Do You Buy Properties In Real-Time At The Buying Event?”


“Are you really going to buy properties at the event?”

Joe: What we do is teach you how to put together deals. So, we’re going to be at the event and on the first day of the event, I’m going to teach you how to do the “For Rent Method”. I’m going to teach you how to get on the phone with sellers and make offers on those properties.

Joe: Now, a lot of the people who come to these events actually get offers accepted. Sellers will say, ‘Yes, I’ll do it.’ They get the lease option memo signed and then the next process is to find a buyer for that.

Joe: Typically, it takes between two and four weeks to find a buyer for that thing, so it doesn’t usually happen at the event (you don’t actually make money at the event). Although we have had people that have done this, especially my more advanced students (people who have buyers lists). I used to have a guy get up in front of the class and he actually did live calls in front of the class, got a lease option memo signed and right after he got the memo signed, that morning, he sent out an email to his buyers list and somebody called and went over to the property and by that evening, he had sold the property.

Joe: That wasn’t that unusual for something like that to happen at my events, when I’ve had more experienced people show up. The old timers don’t always come up to my events, but when they do, it’s really a lot of fun. That’s why I enjoy doing that. And that’s why ive always allowed my mentor students to continue to come to my buying events without charging them anything. Because I just like seeing them again. And it’s a lot of fun having them there and see what they’re doing and I think it encourages the other people there that are just getting started. So if you’re a past mentor student and would like to come to this next event, just let me know – I’ll put you on the list and you can come and you can visit and all it’ll cost is your trip to Indiana.

Joe: But we are going to be making offers. We are going to be buying properties. That’s why I call it the buying event. You’ve got to start this process. Literally, when you’re in my mentor program, the first week you’re in it, you’re making offers on properties that require no cash, no down payment and require very little risk and the only thing you really have to risk in these deals is your own ego.

Joe: When you start, you sound like an idiot. You just have to learn how to do this. You’re going to trip over yourself at the beginning, but eventually you’re going to sound more confident and people are going to start trusting you and start working with you. And it doesn’t take that long to happen. Okay, I hope that helps.

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