Do Your Real Estate Investing Techniques Work In Canada And Other Countries?


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Read Transcript for “Do Your Real Estate Investing Techniques Work In Canada And Other Countries?”

Even though the laws may vary in different parts of the world, the system that I’m teaching can be used anywhere a free market exists. I’ll explain more…

“I’m wondering if your system will work in the Netherlands.” – Ande Vandeberg, Holland

“I’ve enjoyed your emails but just like what another teacher says, a lot of what they talk about in their books doesn’t apply here in Canada. Do you plan on doing any training that’s specific to real estate and banking in Canada? Awhile back, I looked into trying to do a few things you’ve recommended, but they don’t fly up here.” – John Perry, Canada

Joe: Let’s talk about that. I think you’re working on a flawed premise. I have people who have done my program and gotten deals done the way I teach in Canada (a lot of them) the U.K., Australia, the Philippines, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain and quite a few other countries; I can’t remember them all. I know these types of deals will work anywhere there’s a free market and property is transferred through a deed.
Joe: Most free markets base their property transfer and ownership process on laws set down in 14th century England, so if your country is set up that way, then there’s no reason why you can’t do it there.
Joe: Canada is so much like the United States. There are some regulations that are different. There are some things that are a little different in the way that we structure them, but there’s nothing that keeps property from being transferred the way I’m talking about, i.e. through “Subject-To”, “Multi-mortgage”, land contracts, lease options, etc. All of these things can be done in Canada, in the Netherlands, etc.
Joe: I mean this respectfully: I would say you’re doing it the wrong way or you don’t understand how it needs to be done. If you learn the right way to do it, and you practice the ways that I teach and use the marketing techniques I teach, you’ll be able to buy these properties with no money down, no credit and be able to transfer the properties, and then either keep them yourself in the long term and make cash when you buy them, or transfer them to somebody else so that you don’t have to have the headache of owning that property but you won’t get the benefit of owning it, either, but you’ll still be able to make a great living doing it.
Joe: You have to decide how you want to do it but it does work in these other places and I think you should take a second look at what I’m teaching. I wish you good luck at it, and I hope that you can join us sometime in the future. Bye, bye, now.

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