“Does It Really Work Or Is This Just Another Internet Scam?”

Every week someone calls or emails me and asks if my zero down investing program with bad credit really works.


And my answer is always the same… Yes, it does work.


The reason you can buy property with nothing down is because I show you how to find sellers who will be grateful to have you purchase their property with terms (seller financing). I show you how to get them to call you.

The reason you don’t need good credit is because you never have to work with conventional lenders again. No one will ever ask for your credit report or your income statement with this program.

I also show you how to get investors to call you and ask to work with you. They do it because I show you how to get something they want. I never suggest that you go to you rich uncle and ask for money or try to cash in your life insurance policy.

It is not difficult to put this program together, but it doesn’t do the job for you. You do have to put forth some effort… but let’s face it, it is *not* digging ditches.

Real estate investing is like a game if you can just get past your initial fear when you start up.

I show you how to create a real estate business with very little risk.


If you want to learn how to:

• Quit your job AND increase your monthly income.
• Pay off all your debts – even your home mortgage.
• Work from your home and spend more time with your family.
• Purchase properties with no money down.
• Put your kids through college with easy to manage real estate investments.
• Purchase properties even if you have bad credit.
• Own a million dollars in real estate in less than a year.
• Sell your properties without the expense of a real estate agent.
• Find the deals that will give you massive leverage with lenders.
• Turn your business into a system that makes money over and over again.

You should check out my e-book website.

You’ll find lots of valuable information there.

Do You Want To Quit Your Job?


The goal of so many folks who get my materials or go through my programs is to eventually QUIT their job.

Replacing your income with real estate investing is not as difficult as you may think. You tend to get money in fairly big chunks so it evens out as an excellent income.

Here is my heart-felt advice to someone who wants to:
• change their profession
• work at their own pace
• work from home
• get rid of the drudgery of a job
• get rid (once and for all) of their boss
• build a solid real estate business

Start slow.

Take your time.

Don’t quit your day job until you establish a regular income.

Start TODAY!

Be proactive. Expect it to take 2-3 months to get your first deal done. Don’t expect to be rich in 2 weeks… it doesn’t usually happen that way… sometimes it does.

*Do* expect my program to work. You can make money AND you can build a rock solid business and wealth for life.

You *can* replace your income… you can double or triple your income.


Take the steps that I outline for you in my book and in my coaching program. It’s not difficult once you get over the “hump” of your first transaction.

Let me help you get there. Let me be your investing “coach.” I had a mentor when I started almost 20 years ago (and I paid him more money than I like to admit). But I couldn’t have succeeded in the way that I did, without his help.

If you haven’t checked out my programs yet…

Bonus: 6 Month Mentor Program

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