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“Fast Track Investor Training” Walks You Through The Deals


Read Transcript Automation software for real estate investors that will bring you a steady stream of motivated sellers who say “yes” to no money down, seller financed deals.

All the leads and all the training you will need to make it work is included.

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Read Transcript for “’Fast Track Investor Training’ Walks You Through The Deals”

If you want to start bringing in chunks of cash as quickly as possible, there are some step by step actions you should take – here they are…
Joe: You will get audio and video investor training programs that even the greenest newbie can understand and implement; hours of solid, to the point, no fluff training programs that’ll teach you every part of the system.
Joe: Nothing is left to chance. Not everyone has the time, patience or money to go through my “Six Month Mentor Program”. This “Fast Track Investor Training Program” gets you up and running fast. It’s also broken down into modules so you can easily find the information you need when you need it.
Joe: You’ll learn how to start the lead generating automation with easy to follow screen capture videos, then you’ll learn how these zero down deals are structured and how the “For Rent Method” works. After that, you’ll learn how to speak to sellers in order to get them to accept your deals. Once you have the deals, you’ll learn how to find buyers and close the deals.
Joe: None of this is rocket science and everything is explained. You don’t have to buy anything else to learn how to do these deals – it’s all right there in the Fast Track program. There’s no ra-ra motivational material here. We stick to the facts so you can move forward and start doing deals from day one. This training is worth more than the entire system. It is the heart of your business and when you learn these techniques, you’ll be able to make a living or a fortune and you’ll never have to worry about being out of work ever again.
Joe: Let me show you the pages in the system with the training programs. The training material is in two different places. The first section is in the clone site admin. If you go to the tutorial tab and open it up, you’ll see a list of different videos that are available for you to watch. Just click on the button and you’ll get a video that’ll come up and teach you how to use that particular part of the clone site. This isn’t so much about how to do deals. This is how to actually use the websites, how to list your properties and how to use the functions of it.
Joe: The other part is the “Push Button Auto Marketer”. There are several things in here. The first are the tutorial videos, the quick start video – this is just a five minute video that shows you how to get started and how to send out your first email blast in literally five minutes; it happens very quickly. Now, of course, we go into it in more detail here. Then we get into the voice blast tutorials. This shows you how to set that up and get that going as well. Then of course there’s the contracts, the resident documents, the phone script, the tenant application, all of the stuff that you need to put these deals together, and also the contracts that you need so that it’ll be legal.
Joe: Then, there are a lot of conference call recordings as well – training audios that I’ve done to teach you how to do this whole system; to teach you the For Rent Method, how to use the Automarketer and the clone sites effectively, how to talk to sellers and put deals together, and how to find buyers and close deals. Then, there is a question and answer session as well where I just took questions with people that were on the conference call. I did that several times. There is another couple of hours here and another couple of hours here.
Joe: There’s a ton of stuff for you to listen to and learn from; a lot of new and original material that you’ve never heard before about ways that you can automate your system and your business and make a lot of money doing it and build a business that you can be proud of that’ll serve you for the rest of your life.
Joe: Training is perhaps the most important part of this system. I’ve been teaching real estate investing since 1998 and I know what makes it possible for people to learn easily. I also know it’s important to get up and running quickly so that you can start making money as soon as you can. You want to stop having real estate investing as a hobby and start having it as a business, something that’s viable, something that allows you to quit your job and move forward. This training will help you get there.

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  1. Ken Hill
    August 20, 2017 at 3:52 am · Reply

    Hi Joe, you discuss lease options to buy that is legal in 49 states. In Texas, I am told that lease option to buy contracts are illegal. Do you have a program to replace the illegal lease option to buy contract for the Texas real estate market? I enjoy reading your materials hope to purchase your automation system soon.

    • Joe Crump
      April 1, 2018 at 3:52 pm · Reply

      Hi Ken, I’m not an attorney and can’t give legal advice – so with that said, here is how I deal with the legislation in Texas regarding lease options.

      The way to do my method in Texas is to change Lease Options to Land Contracts. There are still requirements for Land Contracts, but they are much easier to comply with.

      But my favorite way of doing it in Texas is…

      Do a 6 month Lease Option that convert into a Land Contract IF the Buyer makes their payments on time.

      Then, put them into the Land Contract for 18 months.

      Land Contracts can be refinanced after a year (LOs cannot and require more qualifying and more downpayment and closing costs), so doing it this way makes it more likely that the buyer will exercise the option.

      Here is a short video on doing deals in Texas.

      You should consider getting into my Mentor Program. That is the way that I can help you personally with this method in Texas.

      If you get any of my programs about the for rent method, let me know and I’ll send you the Texas document that is different from our other docs.

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