Free Lists Of Motivated Real Estate Sellers


Read Transcript Automation software for real estate investors that will bring you a steady stream of motivated sellers who say *yes* to no money down, seller financed deals. All the leads and all the training you will need to make it work is included.


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Read Transcript for “Free Lists Of Motivated Real Estate Sellers”

With the click of a button, you can grab the email addresses, phone numbers and house pictures of thousands of motivated sellers and build your list for free. Let me show you how.
Joe: With our easy to use, intelligent lead filter, you can narrow down your marketing to the precise target audience you want to reach. Using the marketing messages we’ve tested and proven, many of these seller leads will say yes to your no money down offer before you even speak to them.
Joe: Choose the exact cities you want to work. There are hundreds of new leads each and every week, all year long; leads in the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and the U.K. We even have investors working in Europe, the Philippines and the Middle East. New resources are added regularly. You’ll get phone numbers and emails that connect you directly to the seller. Pictures and maps of the houses are gathered with the leads. Our proprietary intelligent lead filter allows you to search your list and pick the cream of the crop.
Joe: Let me show you how it works. When you first log into the “Push Button Auto Marketer” account, you’ll want to go to your category and location tab, scroll down the page, and you’ll see the two different websites that we have set up right now to pull the listings from that we’re going to use in our lead campaign. All you have to do is pick the country, state and city that you’re working in, the category that you’re working in and the sub category.
Joe: Once that’s done, you’ll never have to do this part of it again. All you have to do is click to save and it’ll start scraping leads from those sites and bringing them into the system. Then this takes you to the filter your list page and there’s a lot of different ways that you can search and filter your list; by keywords, by city/state, by category, by price, by bedrooms, etc.
Joe: The easiest way to do it is by picking the last couple of weeks of leads. So, scroll down and click on search, and when you do that, it’ll load them, and right now you can see there’s about 1300 of them in this last two weeks in this particular city.
Joe: The next thing you have to do is queue these leads up and hit send and it’ll start sending out a marketing message to these folks to get people to accept your zero down offer. It’s very easy to use and it just takes minutes to set up.
Joe: Every hour, the auto marketer system will pull off all the new leads that are posted on these websites and add them to your database so that you can mail them out. It’s a wonderful to automate this process and get lots of leads coming in your door.

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