Freedom, Flexibility And Financial Security To Do What I Want To Do


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Doug: My name’s Doug Belser and I’m from Howell, Michigan. I’m a newer student, so I’m just getting started with the process. I’ve looked at other real estate programs in the past and they give you some information but they never really give you that final missing piece on how to get started and take action, but Joe’s program is very specific in that regard. It’s step by step. The technology based pieces to it are really exciting and they produce results. I’ve seen that in personal friends of mine who have been students of Joe’s for a number of years, and its finally gotten to the point now where I said, ‘Okay, it’s time for me to take action.’ I’m kind of falling on everybody’s coattails to get involved in this. He’s one of the few people who I’ve actually heard about the teachings of and seen the results through people that I personally know. So I’m really excited to get involved.
Doug: I currently work as a sales trainer. I’ve been in the insurance industry for about 16 years now. I work as a sales trainer and as a manager for a large life insurance agency. So I have a sales and marketing background but never anything directly involved in real estate.
Doug: Compared to other investments, and looking at my 401k which did the same thing as everyone else’s 401k did in the market, if I put all my money into an investment it may grow at 5% to 10%, versus real estate, where you have a lot of leverage, you have a lot of tax advantages, plus it really gives you the opportunity to work with people and to help people. People need to get out of a home for a variety of different reasons. And in this market, right now, they’re having some difficulty. Also, people on the other side are having a difficult time. Banks aren’t lending money right now. People can’t get into a home that would like to, and they’re struggling. So by being able to apply the methods and the materials that Joe provides, you’re really able to help people step into a property or get out of a property if they need to, and as I’ve said, in talking with my friends who were involved, people were so grateful because they didn’t know where else to turn. Also, being of service and involved with your community really makes a difference. I mean, I’ve never been a number cruncher, or a logical, statistical kind of guy in general, but that’s the part of what it is about real estate that appeals to me. One, it’s something that I know about. Everybody knows what a house is. Obviously, there’s certain parts of that that I’m going to be learning as part of the process, but at the same time, it’s about being able to help people. That’s what it all boils down to.
Doug: I’ve got a pretty solid and secure job, but it’s still a job. Somebody else is telling me what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. I travel probably 18 to 20 weeks a year on the road, so I’m living out of hotels all over the country, which is not the most glamorous lifestyle that I want to lead. Plus, I want the flexibility of my time to be able to travel when I want to travel to places that I want to travel to, to spend time with my family and be able to give back to the community – the idea of being able to do even more for charity and be involved in different projects. It’d be great to be in a position to be able to say to somebody, ‘Here’s a house. I’m just going to give you a house.’ Or, ‘I’m going to help set up an adult foster care center.’ There’s all kinds of things that you can do directly related to real estate but it really comes down to lifestyle – providing me with the freedom, the flexibility and the financial security to do what I want to do. Because my job – it’s a solid job, but even that’s no guarantee. So I want the control. I really want to be the master and the commander of my own future and my own destiny and be able to provide for myself and my family.
Doug: Part of it is just picking up the phone and making the phone calls and starting to talk to people. There’s some initial advertising to be done and some of the marketing processes that Joe has put together make it really easy. He’s got a series of websites that he’s developed that I’ve already got set up and started getting those working. So it’s just a matter of starting to track down people who are interested in selling. I have some inventory to market, and I’m going out and building my list of buyers and investors and people that are looking to get into the real estate market but don’t really know how to do it. You go to the bank, you’re making what with your investments – .5%, or 1%? when you could be making 10% or 15% in real estate. So there are people out there who are looking for opportunities that have no idea how to get started. And by being able to get out and get into the community and start making those connections, opportunities will start showing up.
Doug: Of all of the things that I’ve looked at – I’ve looked at a variety of different marketing and sales programs and training programs over the years as well as real estate stuff from the guys on TV and everybody else – and the materials that Joe has put together are solid. They’re time tested, they’re solid, and as I’ve said, I’ve seen it work for other people that I know. So it’s not, ‘Well, it’s just this fictitious guy on TV who made all this money or did all of these things’ – I’ve seen it happen and I’ve seen it change their lives and for the kids that they’ve adopted and everything else – its huge – the impact that they’ve been able to have and to be able to replace both of their incomes and take care of their parents and do all of the things that we all aspire to do but don’t have the resources to do it.
Doug: But you don’t need to start out with good credit. The techniques that Joe teaches do not impact your credit one way or the other. So you’re not going out and doing things by the traditional route that everybody thinks that you have to do. That’s part of the interesting and the novel part of the solution is that everybody’s going out and trying to solve the problem with a solution that doesn’t work. Everything that’s being done is legal, it’s ethical, and it’s morally the right thing to do. You can go to sleep at night and put your head on your pillow feeling confident and comfortable that you’ve helped somebody out and truly have their best interests at heart, and at the same time you’re taking care of yourself and your family. So it’s really a win-win deal. So you’re not out there having to worry about things like, ‘I need to take advantage of this person,’ or, ‘I need to cut an edge and be shady with things’ – it’s all above board, it’s all legal, it’s all on the table, but its structured in such a way that you can get started without a background in real estate. You don’t need a real estate license and you don’t need to be a realtor or have any kind of specialized experience. All of that gets taught to you through the materials that Joe provides. All of the marketing that’s put together, his push button system is really that – it’s a push button system. It’s going to generate all of the activity and things that you need to help you be successful. And as far as your own credit, it doesn’t matter. And, over time your credit will improve and there are resources available to help address those issues too, for you and for the people that you’re working with. So there’s really no reason why you can’t get involved right now. Except for procrastination, fear – ‘I’ve had it’ – you’ve been looking at these programs and different things for a number of years and being comfortable enough in a good job, you really don’t have the motivation, but as you start looking at the program Joe offers. No one’s going to take as good care of you as you do. No one’s going to make you rich. No one’s going to make you financially free, unless you happen to be the CEO of Enron or somebody else (now they’re in prison) but unless you’re at the very top of the industry, you’re at the will of somebody else. It just gives you that flexibility. It’s the fear of success and the fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone, so nowhere else are you going to have the kind of mentor you’ll have in Joe Crump.
Doug: Any of those TV guys – I’ve signed up for different programs – you call in and you get some person they just took out of college and put a script in front of them that’s going to be ‘your mentor’ – *great*, *exciting*. I figure to myself: I can read the book as well as the kid on the other end of the phone. With Joe, he’s done this for 20+ years. I mean, he’s been in the trenches. He knows exactly what’s going on. And he walks the walk. But more importantly, I can email him. I can fax him. I call him and he picks up the phone. I have direct access to somebody who can mentor me through the process, and help me through those situations where I need the help. Plus, when I come to these buying events that Joe puts on a couple times a year, I’m masterminding with all kinds of other students in the class that are in the exact same boat I am so that when I come across a situation, I’ve got other people I can turn to and say, ‘Hey, did you experience this? What did you do?’ So there’s an internal structure to it as well. It’s not something you have to do on your own in complete isolation from everybody else. There are other people who will be there to help you out along the way, and it’s the same thing as you become a more seasoned person while doing this type of thing – you’re going to be there to help other people. That’s what makes it really exciting too – it’s not just a matter of ‘Here’s your box of stuff. Good luck to you. Have a nice day.’

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