Generate Wholesale Seller Leads For $1.70 Each


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Generate Wholesale Seller Leads For $1.70 Each

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Today I’m going to show you how to use the Automarketer to create an automatic follow up drip campaign for your seller and buyer leads. Let’s do it over on the computer.

Joe: I’m going to show you how I’ve been generating wholesale leads. I just started doing this because we’ve been testing some new things, but it’s looking pretty interesting. These are wholesale leads that we’re getting for about a buck-seventy apiece, actually maybe half that price to be hones with you, 85¢. This is what I call the We Will Buy campaign. We’ve only been doing it for a little bit of time, but out of the 92 that were sent out, we got 16 responses and probably a quarter of those are worth calling, about 25% are worth calling. And we’ve gotten about 30 clicks on our web page.

Joe: Let me show you exactly what the campaign looks like. And you can do these campaigns manually, you can, you know, if you want to just do cold calls you can do these yourself by calling these people and using the same message that we’re doing. The first text that goes out to them is, “I’m an investor and I buy houses for cash. But I buy at a discount. Here’s an explanation of what I can do.” And then it takes them to the We Will Buy website. And I won’t go to that site, but if you want to go to it you can see it at, and it explains how we buy properties for cash and we can also make terms offers and then, “Would you like an offer?” And this is the message that goes out on Day One

Joe: Then, on Day Two, another message goes out that’s pretty close to the same thing and on Day Three, looks like these are exactly the same. So the second one goes out two days later and then the next one goes out one week after that. Now, you’re not going to get as many leads as you will with the lease options if you do it this way, and, if you do the lease option thing, you’ll probably get these people to call you or to contact you through the lease option thing as well. But it doesn’t hurt to do it in both ways. And, because we’re doing it a specific way, and I wanted to buy properties that are under $100,000 because I want to pay cash for them and I want to get good deals on them, that’s why I’m doing this.

Joe: And I’m actually buying them for cash under market value. You could do the same thing for zero down if you did it with wholesaling. Again, you’re not going to get flooded with these, but you’re going to get enough to keep you going. And I guess it’s going to be better than if you did the yellow letters, or if you did the post cards or all the other snail mail that you do. Especially for this cost. If you’re going to be spending you know, $20 per lead on snail mail, plus all the work it takes to set it up, this takes five minutes to set up, and you turn it on and it just runs for you every week and it’s not going to spend a ton of money when you do it.

Joe: In the Automarketer, you get $20 a month for your phone minutes so a lot of that’s going to be covered for you unless you’re just doing a ton of other stuff. So. Anyway, this is how you get under market value properties that you can buy for cash or wholesale.

Joe: Hope that helps.

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