“Get Top Dollar For Your Properties By Providing Easy Terms For New Buyers… WITHOUT Carrying The Paper Yourself”

Help Your Buyer Finance The Home, Without Carrying a Note!


Every now and again I feel like I should stop you for a moment to point out some INCREDIBLE information, I am doing this for a reason.

I really wish that somebody had told me the secrets that I openly tell you… it would have been a lot easier than having to learn them the hard way.

But the problem is NOT just knowing the information, it is also seeing and realizing how PRICELESS the information is to you and your success.

So, this is yet another time when I am telling you SOMETHING YOU NEED TO REMEMBER.

I believe the value of most information is equal to the amount of money that you can make using that information in a very short period of time and with little to no additional skill or money.

Using this “equation” of value, this report ALONE is worth TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars.

So pay attention and make sure you remember that these techniques can all be done RIGHT NOW with little to NO MONEY.

You want to get top dollar for the properties that you sell to maximize your profits, but this is sometimes difficult to do if you don’t use a Realtor and pay the 6-7% commission. Here is one idea on how to advertise a home for sale that has been extremely effective for me.

For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New HomeUse what I call, “The Ugly Sign Technique.”


When you are ready to sell a house, go to the local sign store and purchase a good solid metal real estate sign frame. Don’t get the cheap wire frames… they get blown over and lost and won’t stand up to weather.

Also buy a piece of yellow “coreplast.” Coreplast is corrugated plastic sheeting. Have them cut it so that it fits into the metal frame.

On the bright yellow coreplast write down the down payment and monthly payment of your property.

It will look something like this: (depending on the price of the house).

Down Payment

Per Month
Total Payment

Call 222-2222

They must be able to qualify for these loans. That means they need to have reasonably good credit and established income.

Use the conventional financing techniques that I give you in my book to show owner occupants how to get this kind of financing. I don’t have enough room in this article to go into qualifying buyers and helping them buy your property for full price with very low down payments.

If you get too many calls that aren’t qualified, put a small note at the bottom of the sign that says, “must qualify.” You may want the unqualified calls if you have another piece of property that you are trying to sell with a lease option or are trying to rent. You can convert the callers to another house.

I have sold so many homes using this technique that I’ve lost count.


Coming up in the next article, “Show Your Investors How They Can Qualify To Buy Your Income Properties AND Pay You Top Dollar!”

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