How Can I Invest In Real Estate With $5000?


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“How can I invest in real estate with $5000” is a question that comes up quite often so I will give you the answer in this video. Discover the key element to building a property investment business!

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How Can I Invest In Real Estate With $5000?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve got another question from one of my students, “How can I invest in real estate with only $5,000?” Leverage. Now, the question is how are you going to get that leverage? How are you going to make that work? So, if you can use $5,000, what are you going to leverage it with if you’re going to invest that money?

Joe: First of all, you can invest and buy properties without any money. You can do it with zero money, with no credit, and you can leverage your brain. You can leverage your skill and your ability to go out and talk to sellers and put deals together. If you can do that then you don’t need any money at all to invest.

Joe: But, a lot of people they have a little bit of money and they’d like to invest it properly, invest it wisely. And one of the best investments that you can make is in your education. Learn the process. If you’ve only got a few thousand bucks, spend some money on your education and learn how to do this, whether you use a program that I’ve got like a mentor program, or whether you go out there and you buy somebody else’s program. If you feel confident that they can give you the information you need, get the information you need in order to build a business with zero down and no credit.

Joe: So, education is one of your first leverage points. Financing is another leverage point. And you can either finance with using your credit or not using your credit. Risk versus less risk. If you do it without using your credit and you use the techniques that I teach using the zero down structure hierarchy that I teach, you can get in there and you can buy properties and you can control the properties. You can flip them, you can hold them for the long term, and you can keep making money over and over again. And you can leverage that money into more money and to more money and to more money and you can start systematizing that process.

Joe: So, the thing that you’re doing after you’re leveraging your education, you’re leveraging your financing and then you’re leveraging systems. This is where you have other people and automation do that work for you. You can use systems like That’s a program that we designed to systematize our real business – my real estate business – and I sell that to other investors as well. It also allows me to outsource the work that I can’t automate. And so, the leverage that I get from outsourcing and automation also makes me a lot of money.

Joe: So, that, in a nutshell is how you are able to make money with very little money coming out of your pocket. Zero. If you don’t have any money – don’t’ worry about it. Just start making offers on properties. If you’ve got some money, then spend a little bit of money to try to get some help from someone like me who can help walk you through the process because it could probably happen a lot faster if you’ve got somebody like that who’s making it happen for you.

Joe: All right – I hope that helps.

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