How Can I Market For Buyers Through The Automarketer?


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How Can I Market For Buyers Through The Automarketer?

Joe: Here’s another question. This one’s about selling properties. “My question is how can I market the properties that I have through the Automarketer? I’d like to send text and voice blasts out to buyers lists and I’ve not been able to figure that part out.”

Joe: It’s not difficult. Once you start building your buyers’ list it’s going to be in the program Contactor Plus which is part of your clone sites. It’s an autoresponder, it’s an email autoresponder, and you keep all your emails from your buyers in that system. It’s a database. And then whenever you get a new property you just send out a blast to those people with a picture of the property or a link to your listing site and show them where it’s at. So you can do that every week. Even if you have, you know, if there’s a couple hundred people on your list and you send it out and nobody buys it that week. Send it out again next week. Send it out again the following week. The people that are looking now may not be looking next week and vice versa. So, it’s always a moving parade. Even on your own list, so just keep hammering on that same list.

Joe: The other thing that you should do is send them text blasts and voice blasts. So you can send them a text blast that has a link to your listing site that has the property on it and say, hey, I’ve got a new property – go take a look at it. And have a link. And then they can go to it, and you can keep track of how many people are clicking on it, which is very helpful, by the way.

Joe: You can also send them a voice blast where you actually record your voice saying, hey, I’ve got a new property. It’s over at 123 Main Street. You ought to take a look at it right now. Go check out the website. It’s at, you know, and check out my listing site and you can see the property and see some pictures and get over there and we’ll get you inside right away. Please hurry because I’m sending this out to 200 people on my list right now and I think somebody’s going to take it because it’s a pretty good deal.

Joe: You know, you send a voice blast like that out to people, it gets people motivated. It gets them going. And the likelihood that you’ll be able to sell it to somebody on your list keeps going up as your list continues to grow. So that’s how this process works with the Automarketer.

Joe: All right – thanks.

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