How Do I Find Someone To Help Me Learn The Business?

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How Do I Find Someone To Help Me Learn The Business

Joe: This next question is from David Kepps. David says, “There are many topics that I’d like you to discuss, though I believe it to be of utmost importance for beginners to have a more laid out plan of action. In other words, anyone can read a book or manual, but having someone show them what to do in a certain order, what order to perform it in to get,” I guess to get – he’s looking for a system to make this happen. Well, first of all, let’s talk about having somebody show you how to do it.

Joe: I mean, if you’re a diesel mechanic, or you want to learn to be a diesel mechanic, and by the way I know nothing about mechanics. I can barely change the spark plugs in my old 1972 Volkswagen that I used to have. I don’t do any of my own work anymore. But, anyway, if I would not know what a spark plug was, if somebody was standing over me pointing it out to me, it’d be a whole lot different than me reading it in a manual.

Joe: It’s the same if you’re doing diesel mechanics and you’re trying to look under the hood trying to figure out what the heck are all these things? If you’ve got an experienced professional mechanic standing next to you telling you okay, this is the wrench you need and this is the screw or bolt or whatever that are in inches – whatever it is that you have to turn – and telling you exactly how to turn it – two turns and then over here, and then you’ve got to drain this thing and then you’ve got to plug this in over there. I mean, if he shows you exactly what to do it’s going to be a lot easier than if you read it in a manual and you saw the pictures and that type of thing.

Joe: So, it’s going to be much better if you can have someone who’s going to take you through that process. Now, I have a mentor program. I expect you guys know about this, the six-month mentor program. It’s at and spell it out – And that tells about the mentor program. But it doesn’t have to be me. You can get mentored by another really experienced investor. Just make sure that they’re making money.

Joe: There’s so many investors out there who talk about oh, I’ve got thirty houses. But they’re going bankrupt, or their cash flow is horrible, or they don’t have a system in place and they’re working ninety hours a week. Make sure you’re working with somebody who knows how to do this stuff, who knows how to implement a system and get the process going.

Joe: So, that’s going to be a big difference to you. Good luck with it.

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