How Do I Hire And Train An Admin Person?


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How Do I Hire and Train an Admin Person

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. Next question here. This is about outsourcing. “How do you train an admin person?” This is the single easiest job to automate or to outsource. First of all, you pay somebody eight bucks an hour. You can get somebody on Upwork now to do that work for you. If you put an ad, post an ad on there, it’s free to post an ad, you’ll get, you know, ten, twenty different people that are saying hey, I can do this. And they don’t have to have English as their first language. They just have to have good writing skills, they have to be able to follow through, they have to be on time, they have to, you know, do the work that they’re supposed to do and you pay them, you know, a few bucks an hour to make that work, maybe six, seven, eight, ten bucks an hour. I don’t usually hire people for less than $8 an hour these days, but you can get people that are cheaper than that on these places.

Joe: Then, once you get them, then you can send them to, if you’re going to use the Automarketer, just send them to the Automarketer, have them watch the tutorials on how to do it. Say, “I want you to learn how to send out a voice blast.” Or, “I want you to learn how to filter the leads and put them into the follow-up system once a week, you know, that’ll take you ten minutes. But it’ll take you a half hour to learn how to do it, or fifteen minutes to watch the video that teaches you how to do it.” And it’s a screen capture video that walks you through it.” Say, “You click here, do this, change this, do that.” So it’s pretty easy to get in there and do the work once you get the system set up.

Joe: So that’s how you do an admin person. And that admin person is probably, if, maybe it’s the boots on the ground person if you’re working out of the, out of your area, but an admin person may be the first person you outsource your business to. Then you’re going to bring in your buyer finder, then you’re going to bring in your seller finder. And eventually extract yourself completely from the business which is, that’s when things start getting fun.

Joe: All right, hope that helps. Bye bye.

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