How Do I Know You Aren’t A Scam?


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Read Transcript for “How Do I Know You Aren’t A Scam?”

I get this question all the time. My answer may surprise you.

“I’ve taken a real estate gurus class. I took a coaching program and paid $10,000. I took another expert’s program and paid her $7,500. I just finished with expert #3 and he got me for $25,000. I still haven’t done my first deal. How do I know you aren’t just another scam artist like they are?”

Joe: Well, I’m going to try to do this politely. What’s happening here is that you’re spending all of your time trying to learn new techniques, and I’m going to guess that you haven’t taken action. How many offers have you made? How many processes have you gone through? How many buyers do you have on your list? Have you started doing any of the techniques that these guys are teaching you?

Joe: A lot of the real estate teachers out there have good information and there’s good stuff that you can get from them. You don’t have to get my stuff – you can learn from a lot of other people.

Joe: The most important thing that you can do is to take action on what you learn. I think that my techniques are the best techniques around. I think that they’re the easiest to get started with, make money on and they’re the lowest risk – they don’t require money and they don’t require credit to move forward with. A lot of the other teachers don’t teach those types of techniques.

Joe: But with those techniques, if you just start moving forward, you’re going to succeed and you’re going to learn stuff just by moving forward. I tell my mentor students, ‘I want you to start making offers the first week you’re in my program. First, listen to this audio and listen to this audio, and then, that’ll put you into a position to make offers on properties immediately with no credit, no money, no risk offers and if you screw it up, you’re not going to lose anything. And you probably will screw it up – so don’t worry about it – just go through the process and learn.’

Joe: On the other hand, you might get a deal and make money right away; that happens, too. So, follow through with the process. Follow through with what you’ve learned. Don’t keep spending money on new classes. If you’ve already spent $10,000 to $50,000 on programs, you need to go out and do something that you’ve learned.

Joe: If you really feel you need somebody to help you through the process, rather than just having gone out and spent money on CDs and tapes, and you still need somebody to help you organize your thoughts and organize your business, that’s what you need a mentor for. Sometimes, you get so overwhelmed with all of the information that you have that you don’t know where to start or what’s going to work best. It’s not the information that’s the problem – it’s your ability to be able to condense it down into a few basic ideas that you need to start working on.

Joe: Just pick an idea – pick one of the good things that you’ve learned that you like and follow through with it, and I’ll bet you’ll have a deal together in a very short period of time. It’s all about taking action on what you’ve learned – if you don’t take action, you don’t make any money. Alright, I hope that helps.

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