How Do I Use A CRM For Following Up On Leads?


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How Do I Use a CRM For Following Up On Leads

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This next question is about using the CRM for follow up. CRM is a contact relationship management software. There’s lots of them that are available out there. Some people use Podio, some people use Sales Force. The Automarketer has a CRM built into the system that we’ve designed that I think is better than Sale Force. I think it’s better than Podio. It has features that are specific for us a real estate investors. We designed it to make it, our leads easier to manager. The idea is all your leads come into the system and then they’re followed up with both automatically and manually. So the, first of all the manual stuff.

Joe: Let’s say the lead, you send out a text blast to, first of all your Automarketer scrapes Craigslist, pulls up a bunch of ads. You send out a text blast that says, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than selling it outright?” A bunch of people will respond back and say, “Yes.” We have a very high conver- or very high response rate on that type of ad. So we get a bunch of them to come back and all those leads then go into the CRM and they’re marked as they come in as a new lead.

Joe: So you go in there and you start culling through these or your assistant goes through and starts calling these leads and seeing if they want to do a deal with you. If they want to do a deal you do a deal and you take them out of the CRM. You’re now working with them. You put their property in there and you can you know, work with them inside your CRM. I guess you don’t take them out. You take them out of the follow up system.

Joe: If they don’t want to do it right away but they might, you know, they’ll say they just started selling it for sale by owner. They might want to try it next week or the following week or the following month or two months from now or six months from now. You can put them on a follow up and you could do, manually put them in. Or you can also put a series of events that goes out and you can define that series. You can create templates.

Joe: So I say okay, I want to do this for people that I talk to that are interested in doing it but they just got, they just started as for sale by owners and they want to try it for a month. So I’m going to put in a month worth of follow up and so every three, four or five days it’s going to send them something. It’s going to send them a text blast or a voice blast or any email or it’s going to remind me to have a task that I’m going to give them a call or it’s going to remind my assistant to call. You know, so you can set up different tasks in there to remind you to do certain things in addition to the automated stuff that goes out.

Joe: Or maybe it reminds my admin to send them something in the mail. We actually use snail mail for some of this stuff. And so the admin will then take one of the packages that we do and send it out and they’ll get something in the mail from us which all these things, this type of follow up really builds a lot of credibility and I think these types of things make a huge difference if you’re using them. And automating that follow up also makes a big difference when you’re doing it.

Joe: Hope that helps.

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