How Do You Conquer Your Fear?


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Read Transcript for “How Do You Conquer Your Fear?”

Fear is the number one reason people fail in real estate investing. Here’s how to overcome it and move your business and your life forward.

“The biggest problem I have is the fear factor and getting confidence and working in a tough market.”

Joe: Fear is the number one reason people fail in this business. Fear holds you back from everything. I remember when I was a kid my mom and my friends would look at me and say, ‘Oh, he’s shy. Isn’t that cute? Isn’t that nice?’ Well, it’s not nice; it’s not cute – it’s fear. And if you’re being shy in the world, it’s because of fear.
Joe: You need to get past that. You have to find it in yourself to get shyness and conquer your fear. Shyness isn’t cute. Shyness is a curse, and it’s a self-imposed curse, and if you impose that on yourself, that shyness, that fear, that inability to move forward because you’re paralyzed by something you’re afraid of might happen, it’s going to destroy your chances of being successful. So, you need to solve that problem. It’s easier for me to say than it is to do. The only way you’re going to succeed at this and accomplish this and conquer your fear is by taking action.
Joe: I think the other big issue is that people are constantly thinking about themselves rather than about the people they’re trying to help. If you look at this business as a business that is there to help other people, and in the meantime you’re going to get paid handsomely to do that, you’re going to do much better.
Joe: You can go out there and say, ‘Look, how can I solve this problem for you?’ And armed with what I’m teaching you, e.g. armed with the methods, the techniques and the structures I’m giving you, you can solve the problems for an awful lot of buyers and sellers out there.
Joe: If you start looking at them with the understanding of, ‘These people need my help. Maybe they don’t understand that yet, but they need my help, and I’m going to go offer them a way to solve their problem. Whether they take it or not – well, that’s up to them. They can make that decision. But, I’m going to offer it to them and see if I can help them out of their difficult time. Now, I’m going to make money doing it…’
Joe: I always equate this to what a surgeon does. Let’s say a heart surgeon is going to cut you open – he’s cutting open your chest and he’s doing open heart surgery on you. You’re going to be happy he’s doing it for you. And you’re going to be happy to pay him a lot of money because he’s solving a problem for you.
Joe: You don’t want him to do it – you don’t want to be cut on, but, you’re going to accept that because you know it’s necessary to solve the predicament you’re in and you want an expert to solve that problem. That’s how you have to be as a real estate investor – you have to approach the whole business that way, and when you do, it’ll change everything.
Joe: Get rid of your fear by taking action and stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about the people you’re trying to help. Good luck with it!

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