How Does The Automarketer Filter The Real Leads From The Fake Leads?


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How Does The Automarketer Filter The Real Leads From The Fake Leads

Joe: Here’s another question from Gary, from Missouri. Gary says, “When using your Automarketer system, I understand that you scrape potential motivated seller leads from certain sites like craigslist. In my Kansas City, Missouri, market there are several wholesalers ads on craigslist and Backpage and it makes it difficult to find potential sellers even if we wanted to do it manually, all the wholesaler ads or they’re duplicated ads.” (I don’t quite understand that sentence). “My question is how are you able to filter out scrape and find the real seller/owners from the fake seller/owners who just might be other wholesalers or investors who are wasting our time using your software system.”

Joe: Well, you’re going to find out pretty quickly by their response because the whole point of this process is we scrape the ads, we send out a message saying, “Would you consider selling your home rent to buy?”, and some of them are going to say yes and some are going to say no. The ones that say yes or maybe or I don’t know, those are the ones you’re going to call and you know, one of the questions you’re going to ask them you know, and it’s going to be very quick you get to the point here, “Are you an investor or are you just daisy chaining this deal? Are you working with somebody else, or is this your property?” You know, you want to find out if they’re a For Sale By Owner.

Joe: A lot of realtors these days are listing those houses for sale by owners and they’re breaking the rule, by the way. They’re not supposed to be doing that. But they list in the For Sale By Owner section because they know they get more views in that section than they do in the realtor section. So, that’s another thing you ask them, “Is this your property? Are you the only one on the deed?” And maybe the easiest question to ask, “Are you the only one on the deed?” and then they say, “Well, I’m not on the deed, I’m an investor,” or “I’m not on the deed, I’m a real estate agent.” And they’ll tell you at that point, and then you’ll know, you know, who you’re dealing with. And to those people, say, “Well, I need to work directly with the seller, I’m sorry. Thanks for your help,” and hang up. And then go on to the next one. So it doesn’t take long to figure this stuff out.

Joe: You can also put key words in. If agents are posting ads in the For Sale By Owner section and they’re putting, you know, their company name in there, you’re going to see a lot of the same company names, ReMax, Century 21, you know, all those types of things. You could put key words into the exclude ad key word section in the scraper so it actually excludes those ads. Try not to use too many excludes, though, because you’ll end up excluding things that are viable. And so just exclude the ones that you know absolutely for sure if it has this word in it, or this word/phrase in it that you don’t want to deal with that particular type of lead.

Joe: All right. Hopefully that answers the question. Thanks, now.

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