How Experienced Real Estate Investors Close One House Per Week With 4 Hours Of Work


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How Experienced Real Estate Investors Close One House Per Week With 4 Hours Of Work

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This video is titled “How Experienced Real Estate Investors Close One House Per Week With 4 Hours Of Work.” This is essentially about how they spend their time and the things that they have to do. And I’m going to use me as an example, although I do more than, you know, I do more than that per week, but let me show you how you can do this with four hours in a reasonably short period of time. Eventually you’ll be able to do you know, two or three times that in twenty-five percent of that time.

Joe: So, the four hours that you’re going to spend are going to be talking to a seller, maybe one hour is going to be talking to sellers. And hopefully during that one hour you’ll put together two deals during that time out of those two deals. And this is one hour, if you can put together two deals in one hour which should be normal for you, there shouldn’t be a problem doing that if you’ve got leads coming automatically. So you don’t have to worry about doing anything to get leads, they’re already coming in, because you’ve got a system doing that for you.

Joe: The leads come in, you make the calls to them. You put the lease option memo together, they sign it online, you pass that information on to your admin person and your boots on the ground and they put a template of what needs to be done on that particular lead inside the Automarketer. The template is list of things that have to get done whenever a lease option memo is taken.

Joe: Then the admin person gets notified that they have to this, this, this and this. The boots on the ground gets notified this, this and this. The buyer finder who’s going to find the buyer for you does this, this and this and everything gets put into action. You’re doing nothing while all this is happening and buyers are being found for the property, sellers are being follow up on, lock box is being put on the door, ads are begin put in the craigslist and Zillow. Everything is happening and you’re doing none of it. All you’re doing is watching the emails come through which may take up another hour of your time.

Joe: And then, when a buyer comes in, the buyer finder, if they’re fairly new, they may need a little help negotiating a higher payment. So you come in and you negotiate to try to get the biggest down payment that you can possible with a person who’s serious to buy the property. That may take you another twenty minutes or half an hour.

Joe: So now you’ve got an hour of work into one deal. Maybe two deals. Four hours a week to be able to put two deals together in a week is realistic if you have your infrastructure set up in a way that I’ve just described. It doesn’t take that long to build this and I think that most of the people that are just brand new in this process think that there’s so many things they have to do. And they’re right – at the beginning.

Joe: But there’s no reason that you have to do that for the rest of your life. And that’s how you can take four hours of work and turn it into a six-figure income in a reasonably short period of time. So, that’s my suggestion to you. That you start your business, you learn how to do it, you follow through with all the processes, and then you outsource and automate and systematize everything so you do a tiny fraction of the actual work.

Joe: All right. Good luck.

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