How I Got Back On My Feet After Everything Crashed


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Read Transcript for “How I Got Back On My Feet After Everything Crashed”

During my first three years in this business, I bought $17,000,000 worth of property, but I lost it all because the market crashed and dropped 30%. Let me tell you about how I came back and came up with a whole new way of doing business that enabled me to avoid that ever happening again.

“I’ve been in the mortgage business for years, making a living; never great money with being unemployed after every deal closes.” – Bill Sheesby

Joe: Yes, that’s one thing about doing mortgages. With every deal you do, you have to go out and find another one. After that, you’re not creating a good system to make that happen, although you can do that with mortgages as well. I’m going to talk about that in a second.

“I have the need, the desire and the burn to learn. I have no money, poor credit. $50 would be a luxury today and my wife just left after 30 years. Plus, the other day, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.”

Joe: My best wishes for her. I know it’s been awhile since this email. I hope she’s doing okay.

“Anyway, I need to learn quick. No one can help with how to start. Nobody’s helping me that way. How do I get the phone to ring? How do I finance the deal?”

Joe: And you’re in Atlanta. Atlanta’s a great market with potential all over.

“I need a mentor.”

Joe: Let me address the mentor thing first. I have a mentor program. You can get involved, but you don’t have any money so that’s going to be a problem for you because it’s very expensive. If you’re interested in the mentor program, go to and you can read about my mentor program.

Joe: It’s very expensive, though, and I don’t take people in without money, so I apologize for that. I’m trying to do these videos as a way of giving back and helping people get started and get moving forward with some of this stuff so that they can make it happen without necessarily spending all the money that I charge for my programs.

Joe: I’ve been where you are at. During my first three years in the business, I made 17 million dollars. I bought 17 million dollars’ worth of property, but I lost it all. The market crashed. It dropped 30%. The construction lenders I was working with pulled the loans and I lost everything. All the money was gone, my credit was trashed, and I had nothing to work with, and I knew that I had to find a new way of doing business.

Joe: It took me a couple of years. What I did was I went back and I became a real estate agent, which was hard work and not a lot of fun. So, I went through that process, and while I was doing it, I knew that there had to be a way that I could start investing in real estate again.

Joe: I knew all of the different techniques. I knew how to structure things. I just had to figure out how to do it with no money and no credit, which I did. And that’s what the systems that I teach now all spring from that, because I don’t want you guys to take any risk in this process, and for those of you who can’t take the risk, this is perfect for you.

Joe: So, learn the stuff that I’m teaching you. Listen to these videos learn what we’re doing and try to structure deals the same way we are. If you can get into some of my introductory products, or some of the try before you buy things I have, and then get going and start making some money, then, maybe later on, you can get into the mentor program and you can start working with me on that level as well.

Joe: I wish you good luck, and don’t be discouraged. Life can really get you down if you let it but if you take action and move forward, you’ll stop worrying about yourself and you’ll start thinking about others and you’ll start helping other people solve their problems that they have with their houses. They have to sell them and they have to buy a house. They can’t buy a house – show them how to do those things. You’ll be a hero for them, you’ll do good things in the world and you’ll make a hell of a lot of money. So, good luck to you. Take care.

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