How To 5X Your Monthly Income


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How To 5X Your Monthly Income.

I’m going to show you how to double the income you do per month without increasing your costs or needing more capital.

Exponential increases in the number and value of deals you do can come from marginal increases in many areas of your business.

What that means is, get just a LITTLE better at a lot of things and your business will grow dramatically.

Here is how it works…

Let’s say you get 25% better at finding leads.

If you are using an automated system like the, you are probably bringing in, on average, 20 leads per month, per city that you work, depending on the size of the city.

On average, 20% of those leads are gettable. That means a competent investor can bring in four potential deals with this number of leads per month.

If you expand your area and get just 25% more leads per month, you will get 25 leads. That should increase your monthly deals by one per month.

If you are currently making an average of $10,000 per deal, increasing your leads by 25% raises your income from $40,000 per month to $50,000 per month.

And you did this simply by expanding the area you marketed to.

Another way you can increase your business dramatically is by getting better at closing deals.

What if you closed 25% more of the sellers you talk to? That means you would do an extra deal each month month – so 5 per month instead of 4.

Just improving in these two things alone increases your income from $40,000 per month to $60,000 per month.

Now, what if you increase the amount that you made per deal from $10,000 per deal to $12,500 per deal? Just 25% better.

If you do five deals a month, that would add $12,500 ($2,500 x 5) of income. Now you’re at $72,500 per month.


What if you started keeping some of the deals you’ve been flipping? Let’s say you keep 25% of the deals you do for your portfolio?

When you put a property in your portfolio, you make money not only from the cash that comes from purchasing the property and selling it on a lease option, you also build equity. Typically, you make four times the amount of profit from equity on a PORTFOLIO purchase that you would make on a FLIP transaction.

So instead of making $10,000 per deal you would make $40,000 per deal.

This email is already getting too long so I won’t go into all the details about how to 4X your profit per deal by keeping your properties, but I promise you it works.

So in this scenario, you’ve added another $40,000 per month to your income and that raises your income well over $100,000 per month.

There are other places to increase your income like, a.) improving your automation, b.) getting better at negotiation, c.) using different structures to finance your properties, d.) finding investors to work with you – and on and on.

Also, as you start to make enough money to live on, you will want to KEEP more and more of your properties – and that will 4X your income overall.

The reason I’m breaking it down like this is because I want you to see how tiny changes in your business can have dramatic and exponential returns to your bottom line.

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That’s it for today!

Good deals are not that hard to find if you have the skill to craft an offer that MAKES SENSE.

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