How To Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals – Video 1


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It seems like everyone has an amazing deal in their pocket and if they just had some money, it would make them rich.


Well… just maybe, that’s not true. In this series of videos, I am going to show you how to spot the difference between a killer deal and a deal that kills you.


I’ll show you how to put a big chunk of cash in your pocket, rather than lose your shirt. I’m going to show you how to invest with cash and with NO cash.

I’m going to show you how to determine the best exit strategy for any deal you find.

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Read Transcript for “How To Analyze Real Estate Investment Deals”

Let me show you how to assess properties and figure out whether they’re worth buying, and how to sell them if they are.
Joe: The folks on my list have been offering deals to me every single day. They’ve been sending me properties for sale that they find and properties that they have for sale themselves and 99.5% of the time, the deals they send me are not good deals. They’re not going to be profitable for me as an investor or for most investors.
Joe: So, what I want to do with this video series is show you what a good deal is and how to analyze a deal and how to spot a good deal and to know whether it’s going to make sense for another investor to buy it from you or if it’s going to make sense for an end user (someone who’s going to live there to buy it from you).
Joe: We’re going to talk about different types of investments, cash investments versus non cash investments. There’s a big difference between the two in the way you do them. We’re going to talk about long term investments versus short term investments and what you should look for. Each of these things are things you have to understand when you’re going to analyze a deal, because if you know whether it’s going to be a short term or a long term investment, then you can make it more attractive with that knowledge.
Joe: We also need to know whether we’re going to flip it to an investor who’s going to buy it or if we are going to flip it to an end user. They each have different needs – different investors have different needs and different buyers have different needs.
Joe: We’re also going to look at where we can find these properties. We’re going to look at ways you can find deals in the MLS, ways that you can find deals through common advertisements out there by for sale by owner’s or for rent; those types of things.
Joe: We’re going to show you how you can buy properties in bulk and whether they make sense or not. We’re going to talk about short sales and whether or not they make sense in this environment. We’re going to talk about marketing and how to market for properties so that the good deals will come to you. And when they DO come to you, the stuff that I’m going to teach you in this series over these next 20 videos or so will enable you to know in a very short period of time whether or not that deal you’re looking at makes sense.
Joe: So I hope you enjoy it. This is the first video. I just want to get you started and let you know what’s coming and I hope you enjoy the process.

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