How To Become A Millionaire Real Estate Investor In 2 Years


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Check out this informative video that reveals the secret of how to become a millionaire real estate investor in 2 years! Start building your wealthy property investment portfolio today!

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How To Become A Millionaire Real Estate Investor In 2 Years

Joe: How to become a millionaire real estate investor in two years or less. Here’s how you do it. Start using the For Rent Method, flipping lease options. Just getting chunks of cash coming in so you can have money coming in on a regular basis. Once you have that money coming in, then you’ll want to switch your strategy so that you can start keeping your properties. And if you can buy, let’s say one $100K property a month, subject to, you’re going to have a million dollars in property in one year or less. It’s really not that hard to do.

Joe: I’ve had so many people do this. I’ve actually, I took one of my students, put him into a conference room and I worked with them and they started making offers and within – and our goal was within three days that he’d have a million dollars’ worth of properties. It happened the first day. Within one day he had a million dollars’ worth of property.

Joe: Now, I don’t do this all the time, and there were some challenges that we had to deal with going through that process to put those deals together. But, it still made sense, and as long as you can get the cash flow that you need and the income that you need from those types of deals, there’s no reason that you can’t put together something like that in a year or two and have a million dollars in real estate. Now, it’s not all going to be equity, maybe you’ll only have 20% or 30% of equity, but it won’t take long to start building that equity up over time.

Joe: And as you keep flipping properties on top of that, because you’re going to be coming across a lot of properties when you’re doing this, and you’re flipping properties, you’re going to be starting to make a lot more money every month, so that you can do this full time, or maybe do it part time and don’t do anything else or do the things that you love. Which I think is kind of the goal here. You know, having the life that you want.

Joe: Not just going to work and doing the hourly thing. Do a business. You’ll make a lot more money and it’ll be a lot more fun in the long run. Get an education, do this right, invest your money wisely, don’t waste your money on deals that aren’t going to make sense. Make sure you know what you’re doing. They say it takes money to make money, but if you can’t make money with no money, you probably can’t make money with money. So learn how to do it with no money first and then gradually move into investing in cash.

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Joe: All right – thanks.

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