How To Build A Huge List Of Real Estate Investor Buyers


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Read Transcript for “How To Build A Huge List Of Real Estate Investor Buyers”

Using the clone sites and the lead capture pages, you can build a gigantic list of rent to own buyers who will snatch up your houses often on the first day you have them. Let me show you how it works.

“Here’s my question: first off, how do you build a buyers list quickly and without money? I can’t afford, when just starting this, to go out and spend money on these lead generating websites and buyer generating websites nor can I buy into programs right now, so without the initial funds, how do I build a buyers list for my wholesale deals of ugly houses that’ll get them sold so that I can purchase the tools that I know my business needs in the future?” – Edem Marvin

Joe: First of all, you don’t need to start spending a lot of money on tools, on websites, on lead generation tactics, etc. – you just need to have a little bit of knowledge. You need to understand that there’s plenty of leads out there.
Joe: You need to understand how to work for sale by owner leads and how to make those work, and how to automate that process which is what we’re doing and what I’m teaching ,simply by contacting those people and asking them to put a deal together.
Joe: I’m actually working on a new program you’re going to be hearing about very soon through Craigslist and through and and all of these other FSBO sites where we’re contacting these people with – they’re calling us and saying, ‘I’m ready to sell my property’ after they go through this marketing campaign I’ve put together.
Joe: It makes it very simple, very easy and it puts together deals where you don’t have to have any money for the down payment and you don’t have to have any credit. You can have terrible credit – it doesn’t matter – nobody ever checks your credit. You don’t have to get conventional loans.
Joe: They deed you the property, you take it over, put a lease option tenant in, make a chunk of money, or, you assign your right to buy that property or sell that property to somebody else for a fee. There are so many other ways to make money on this stuff – you just have to understand the hierarchy and the structure.
Joe: But the question here is how do you build a buyers list. One of the best ways and the cheapest cost per lead that we’ve ever used is those ugly signs. They can be as simple as ‘Rent To Buy, Move In Today, No Qualifying’ and a phone number; very basic. You can write it on a piece of cardboard that you pulled out of the dumpster at the grocery store.
Joe: We use Coroplast – yellow Coroplast – its corrugated plastic, and then put them on wire stands. They cost two bucks. You handwrite them – you want them to look as ugly as possible. This will build a great buyers list and it’ll bring in mainly people that are interested in buying rent to buy.
Joe: One of the interesting things about this process is that you’d think that everybody calling on an ad that wants to buy rent to buy wouldn’t qualify for a conventional loan. We find that one in ten of the people calling in on these types of ads actually qualify for a loan – they just don’t realize it. Maybe they had a bankruptcy but it was two years ago and they’ve gotten back on track since then. Maybe they had a late payment or they had a lien or a judgment, etc. But we can still get them a loan through FHA or some of these other programs out there that make it a little bit easier to get one.
Joe: The B C paper, the bad credit mortgages that used to be available, the mortgages that used to be available with no qualifying, with no income verification, and stated income loans – those things have basically gone away. They’ll probably come back eventually but they’re not here right now, so you want to find people and be able to put them into properties that they can actually buy.
Joe: Building a list of people that you can actually sell properties to – this is what we’re really looking for here.
Joe: Using the signs is an easy way to build a list. You don’t have to have a website right now. When you do get a website, if you use my “Push Button Method” or you get into my mentor program, I have a website that you get with that program, and if you get that set up, it actually explains how the buyers process works, which I also have for for sale by owners and for investors (we have different websites for different categories).
Joe: Then, once they opt in and give you their name, their phone number, their address, what they’re looking for, whether their credit’s any good or not, and they put all of that information in there, they hit send and it sends you their contact information so that you can either call them or you can let your autoresponder do the work.
Joe: An autoresponder is a sequential email program that sends them out a sequence of emails over a period of time. I’ve already written the emails (they’re included in the program) and they explain how the process works, what they need to do to qualify and what they need to do to buy the property.
Joe: It educates them and it builds a relationship between you and them so that they have confidence that you know what you’re talking about, and it also urges them to take the next step.
Joe: If any of you have seen the websites or any of the work I’ve done, you know that I’m a pretty good copywriter (maybe one of my best skills and certainly one of the things that I enjoy doing the most) – these autoresponse messages are written with that in mind – getting people to take action.
Joe: Right now while you’re getting started, the most important thing for you is to just start doing some deals. Learn the process that I teach. I would suggest that you start with the “For Rent Method” – learn that process and start that.
Joe: As soon as you get a seller, make offers. As soon as you get a seller to say yes, then go out and get some signs to put up. Use Craigslist, too. We’ve got some great techniques for Craigslist, and we’ve got great techniques for other websites that just bring in a lot of leads. The signs just bring them in probably two/three to one compared to the websites, and they’re very, very inexpensive.
Joe: Don’t build your buyers list until you have something to sell. Work on that first. Learn how to put together an offer. Learn how to make an offer. You want to do this over the phone – you’re not writing these offers – you’re making the offers over the phone to qualified leads based on which method of mine you’re using or which method of your own you’re using, and then once you get that person, then you move onto the next step, which is building a list, putting the websites up, etc. Don’t waste a lot of money on stuff until you know that you can make money.
Joe: Learn how to make money. My big philosophy here is, ‘If you can’t make money with no money, you sure can’t make money with money’. Learn how to make money with no money. This is pulling yourself up by the bootstraps – You’re doing it yourself and you’re learning how to do it yourself. You just need a little bit of knowledge and the willingness to put the effort in. Alright, I hope that helps.

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