How To Build A List Of 200 to 400 Motivated Sellers In 3 Minutes


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How To Put Deals Together Without Making A Call

I am going to teach you how to use a 100% automated system to buy and sell property.

I taught this brand new information for the first time at my last Two Day Buying Event. Although it’s been working amazingly well in it’s current version, this new upgrade and major overhaul changes everything and automates the entire process of working with Buyers and Sellers.

When you use this new system, you will:

> NEVER have to make a phone call
> NEVER have to talk to a Seller
> NEVER have to talk to a Buyer
> NEVER do any of the work yourself – outsource it all for pennies
> NEVER spend a dime on down payments
> NEVER need or use your credit

Once it’s set up, the daily work is done for you.

It is the closest thing I’ve ever created to a money machine. I know that sounds like hype, but I’m not feeding you a line here – this is the real deal.

Here is how it works:

1. You hire a freelance virtual assistant (VA) on elance or odesk. They are going to cost about $50 a week. You will use the ad I give you to post so all you have to do is copy and paste it in. It’s free to post on these services, by the way.

2. You give the VA the instructions on how to do the job. You don’t need to write these, I already have them written out for you. They come with a short series of 5 minute or less, online videos where I walk them through the simple process. They actually see my screen as I walk them through it and hear me tell them where they need to click and what they need to do. You can do this work yourself, by the way, if you can’t afford the VA – it’s not difficult. I made this training so easy that someone who only has a rudimentary grasp of English can do this work.

3. When they use the software I give them, they scrape powerful, motivated seller leads from several websites. The software does the heavy lifting and gives them anywhere from 100 to 800 new leads per WEEK to email – it’s a never ending new source of sellers and they are free to gather and free to email. And these are B2B leads for you Internet marketers out there, so emailing them is NOT spam.

4. After they send out the email, the Seller responses come in. The VA plugs them into our autoresponder and they all start getting a sequence of emails that drive them to our Seller website. A small percentage of them will read the site and fill out the online form. They will also fill out the online Lease Option Memo and give you control of their property. They do this WITHOUT talking to you! I’m not joking. Some of them will get your email, but do nothing – our autoresponder will continue to send them emails FOREVER until they sign up or unsubscribe or die. It’s amazing how many deals come in with this system months after we first contact them.

5. Once you have the deal and control the property, you need to hire a Realtor to sell the property for you. You don’t pay them, they get paid ONLY if they sell your properties and they are very reasonable. I give you the ad that we use to hire a real estate agent using craigslist. It’s an amazing ad and breaks down for them the job and what they will get paid for doing it. We get lots of responses who are ready to go, every time we run this ad in every city we’ve tried it.

6. The real estate agent is going to put YOUR sign in the yard (cost $3 dollars), take some digital pictures (their camera) and put their lockbox on the door. They are also going to contact the Seller by phone and pick up the key and introduce themselves.

7. You VA is going to post your property for sale using the online sites we tell them to use. Again, I have written this process all out for them and created videos to explain it, so there is no guesswork.

8. The Realtor is going to show the property (with their gas), work with the Buyers, get the contracts signed and collect the checks (which they deposit into YOUR account). You are going to control ALL of the leads that come in for these properties. There is an entire system with two different business web sites that I’ve created just for BUYERS and we will set it up for you. They will allow your VA to keep the Buyer leads coming in. You always want to keep control of your Buyer and Seller leads by the way – this system makes that possible without you having to mess with them yourself.

That’s it – once it’s set up and working, it will start making you money. It has worked in every market we’ve ever tested it. And if for some reason it doesn’t work for you in one area (not likely), you can always try it in another area or even MULTIPLE areas. Yes – it’s scalable! You can do this NATIONWIDE – even worldwide if you like.

Are you blown away yet?

Have you ever heard of a business system that did so much of the work for you from DAY ONE?

If this isn’t getting your juices flowing, you have no business being a real estate investor.

There is NOTHING like this system ANYWHERE in the world. Companies spend millions of dollars to create systems like this. I had to try hundreds of different techniques before I found the right combination of automated activities, software and processes to make this work.

And you can do it from ANYWHERE.

You can sit on the beach and manage this entire system with nothing but your laptop and an internet connection. You can do it in 8 to 10 hours a week… often less.

And here is the part that is going to make it irresistible.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay me a dime. I mean it. I guarantee 100% that it will work if you do it the way I teach it.

I am ONLY going to give this system to the people who come to my Two Day Buying Event here in Indianapolis, Indiana. You MUST be there to get this system.

I’m going to invite all my past Six Month Personal Mentor Program students to this event for FREE. If you are a past or current mentor student and you want to come, you MUST reserve a spot (they are limited) – send me an email and I’ll get you the hotel details.

If you are not yet a member of my Six Month Mentor Program, you can sign up. I’ll put some links below that explain the program and the other things that are included. It’s NOT a cheap program, but there are some discounts if you qualify and a payment plan available (see the link below).

But it cost PENNIES compared to buying a business. And if you compare it to getting a college education, it’s WAY faster and WAY cheaper.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to this program is that you have ME there to help. I don’t pawn you off to some inexperienced underling – you get to speak with me personally on my conference calls, you get to meet with me personally at the events and you get access to me by email and fax.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

You need to ask yourself if you are ready to make a change in your life. Are you ready to take control of your future and stop saying with a wistful voice “Someday I’ll make a change.”

I’m going to put some links below that will explain the Mentor program, what it costs and what is included. I will also give you a video interview with me where I talk about the techniques I teach in this program. AND I will give you a video of what we do at the Buying Event (these are methods and systems in ADDITION to what I’m talking about above).

If you are already a mentor student or have been one in the past and you want to come, just send me an email. I’ll put you on the list. Again – there is no charge for you to attend.

If you want to sign up – don’t wait till the event to do so – you can get started RIGHT now – today. The more you learn before you come, the more you will get from the event. I’ll teach you how to make real offers on property without using money or credit on the FIRST day in the program. It’s phenomenal.

You can also bring your spouse or business partner for no extra charge.

If you are interested in signing up, call me. I want to talk to you personally and ask you a few questions to make sure you are right for the program. If you have questions that aren’t answered on the links below, feel free to call me – but please only do this if you are serious and have the resources to come. I do not allow anyone to do this program on “spec.” It would be unfair to my other students and not a good business model for me.

I wish you all the best of all good things. I hope to meet you soon.

Best Wishes,


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Read Transcript for “How To Build A List Of 200 To 400 Motivated Sellers In 3 Minutes”

I’m going to show you how to use the systems I teach to build a powerful list of sellers who will contact YOU about deals, instead of you having to contact them.

Joe: That’s what we’re doing with the “Automarketer” and the “Push Button Method”. When those people say yes, out of 200 to 400 people, you’re going to get 20 to 40 solid potential sellers for property that you can get control over and turn around and sell to lease option buyers. If your conversion is good and you’re really good at this, you can convert between 30% and 70% of the people that come in out of that 20 to 40. If you’re not very good, you can still convert 5% to 10% of the people you talk to.

Joe: So, if you’re only converting on a 5% of these types of leads, it means that you’re doing approximately 1 or 2 a week. If you’re doing 1 a week and you do that over 52 weeks and you make an average of $3,500 per deal, it means you’re making $182,000 a year using this very simple technique. It’s not going to take you that many hours per deal to make it work.

Joe: Once you get it going and you get experienced, then, you have 3 to 5 hours into a deal, which is a lot of time to have in one deal, and if you’re working 250 hours a year over a 52 week period, then that’s a lot better than working 40 hours a week, so your life will change dramatically when you get the system set up to do this kind of thing.

Joe: The way we’re building a list like this is that we’re using a Craigslist scraper. It’s in my new automarketing system. The “Automarketer” has a scraper in it to where you put in the criteria you want. You say, ‘I want to pull up all of the for sale by owners in Indianapolis on Craigslist.’ Then, I click a button and it starts to scrape those off of Craigslist and it’ll give me a list of all of those email addresses. Then we send out a message to those folks saying something like, ‘Would you consider selling your home rent to buy rather than just renting it?’

Joe: We get a response back from 8% to 15% of those people. Some of them call us. Some of them send us back emails. When we get back an email, the Automarketer automatically categorizes those people into one of three categories. If it’s a yes, it puts them into an autorespnder that says, ‘Go check out my offer. Here’s the website. Go look at this offer and it’ll tell you exactly what we’re doing.’

Joe: The website’s already set up. It’s part of the clone system in the “Push Button Method”. They go look at that and if they like it, they can fill out the form. If they don’t like it or they don’t want to do it, then they don’t do anything and then a few days later, they get another email from us saying, ‘Hey, we’re still interested in buying. Go check out the website.’ It follows up with them forever until they either opt out (because they have a one click link that they can opt out with) or they buy from us or sell to us or they die, or they change their email address. And if one of those things happens, then they go off of our list. Otherwise, they keep getting followed up on.

Joe: The other category is the people that say no. But we don’t ignore those. We put them in the autoresponder and a week or two weeks later, we send them another email saying, ‘Hey, we’re still interested. If you haven’t sold your property yet, we’d like to buy it rent to buy. Would you consider it now?’ and that continues to go out to them over every few weeks until they die or until they sell their property as well.

Joe: The last category is that they say yes but they also give us a phone number. And I believe that you should call those people. So, when that happens, you just have to look at the list, pick the person, and then you can filter them out by the people who have called and you can go into the contact management and see the phone number and the email that they sent. Then, you call them and put the deal together over the phone. That’s how you put together a lot of leads and deals like this.

Joe: You can set it up so that it’s all automated so that you don’t have to talk to anybody. Or you can set it up so that it’s most optimized, which is where you do talk to some of those folks. But you’re not spending a lot of time with them. It takes 5 to 15 minutes at the most to put together a lease option memo if you know what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing is just a matter of learning the process and then practicing it.

Joe: There is a learning curve with this, and the people that follow through with it and do as I teach succeed. The people who don’t don’t make any money at all. If you follow through with this process the way I’m teaching it, you’ll do very well, and if you use the automation, it’ll make it more consistent; it’ll make the money coming in regular.

Joe: It’ll make leads come in so that you don’t have to do anything to get those leads coming in – they’re calling you – they’re contacting you. And when they contact you, then you feel like this is another way to get over having your life getting in the way as well. If people are calling you, you feel obligated to call them back and do it. Don’t get into the situation to where you don’t call people back when they’re interested in selling their house and they want to work with you. That’s just a huge mistake. These people are real people who can really do it and you can really make money by making this happen.

Joe: Build a sellers list using these techniques – you’re going to love it.

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