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How To Close Deals Without Ever Seeing The Property


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“How to Close Deals Without Ever Seeing the Property”


Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Another one of my outrageous claim videos, claims that I’ve made about real estate investing using the techniques that I teach over the past decade or two. And actually I’ve been teaching this stuff since 1998. I’ve been actually an investor since 1986 so I guess it’s more than a decade. Kind of lose track of time.

Joe: This claim is how to close deals without ever seeing the property. You know, you don’t have to see the property, and I’m going to talk about due diligence in a different video, but you don’t have to see the property to make it happen. You’re going to put the weight of the due diligence on somebody else’s shoulders, but the way you do it is by using something like our phone system where you can set up a phone number that’s local to the area that you want to work.

Joe: So if I want to work in Indiana, I can get a 317 area code, you know, that people can call me back on, that I can call from, it’ll show up on their caller ID as an Indiana phone number. They call me back and they can leave a message on it there or they can call me directly into my browser and I can talk to them no matter where I’m at in the world. You know, I can do this from, as long as I have an internet connection I can connect into this line and it’s costing me, yeah, two and a half cents a minute to talk to these people.

Joe: So if I hire a telemarketer to this for me, you know, it’s going to cost two and a half cents a minute for them to make those calls. It also records my calls, it can transcribe my calls. It also, when I get a message that comes in, it records those calls and it will transcribe them automatically, usually pretty accurately, sometimes hilariously. And then it’ll email that transcript and a copy of the audio file to you so that wherever you’re at on your mobile phone you can pick it up and you can hear the message, you can listen to it and you can call those people back immediately.

Joe: It can also set it up so that you don’t have to be at your browser to take the calls that come in. You can actually have them forwarded to another phone number and you can pick them up on your cellphone wherever you’re at as well if you want your business to follow you around everywhere, which I don’t particularly advocate, but when you’re getting started sometimes it makes sense to take those calls and get the deals done. When you’re actively working there’s no reason not to take the calls, especially if they’re money calls and that’s buyers coming in, or sellers, coming in.

Joe: You can do this from being, you don’t have to be next to the property. You don’t have to be in the same city and you can work remotely like this and you can hire boots on the ground to help you. One of the things that we do for eight bucks an hour you can put an ad on Craigslist and say, I need somebody who’s going to go out there and take a picture for me, put a sign in the yard, put a lock box on the front door, go inside the house and take pictures, you know, go and meet the seller for me and collect the keys. It’s going to take them like a total of two hours to do that.

Joe: Then, if the house is vacant, we show that property using the lock box without anybody being there. But if it’s a property that’s not vacant and we need to have somebody there to show the property, or if that’s your comfort level, you’d rather have somebody there showing the property, you can have that person go out there and usually after five or ten showings those properties are sold. So it’s going to take maybe another five or ten hours on average. If it takes you five or ten hours to pay the boots on the ground to sell that, and you’re paying them eight bucks an hour, you’re looking at fifty to a hundred dollars in order to have some boots on the ground in a different area that you never have to show up at these properties. You never have to do any of this grunt work or this leg work and you could spend all your time doing the things that matter, making money, or doing the things that you want to do, living your life and having the experiences that you want to have.

Joe: All right, hope that helps.

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