How To Effectively Respond To Voicemail Leads


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Read Transcript for “How To Effectively Respond To Voicemail Leads”

In this video, I’ll show you how to follow up with your voicemail blast leads you sent out from the Automarketer.
Joe: Once you’re sending out voicemail blasts, you’re going to start getting voice blast leads. Typically, these come in a lot faster than email leads.
Joe: Let’s take a look. You can click on any one of these and listen to the recording and the transcript of that recording. If I click on any of these leads, it’ll pull up what was sent, the transcript of the call (and it’s not a perfect transcript but I’m sure you’re going to get some fun things in there). But, you can also listen to the recording as well by clicking on this button and it’ll pretty much say the same thing as what’s on here. So that’s all you need to know.
Joe: This is going to be sent to you as an email as well. Your email leads and your voice blast leads are being sent to you by email, so you should be getting those. If you’re not, you need to let us know, and that way, no matter where you are at, if you have a smart phone with you or email access, you’re going to be able to get those leads and call them immediately.
Joe: You want to talk to them as quickly as you can so that they don’t go cold on you. If you wait too long on following up with your calls or following up with your leads, they won’t be nearly as effective.
Joe: One thing that’s different about voice mail leads versus the email leads is that we can’t do an email follow up with these folks, so it becomes vital that you call them back since you don’t have their email address.
Joe: Keep up the work. Keep sending out the blasts. Keep responding to the leads. Keep going to the training and listening to the ‘Talking To Sellers’ audio over and over again until you get good at it. And keep talking to these folks, and every time you hang up with them, think, ‘What could I have said differently? If I didn’t get this deal or they didn’t sign the memo, what could I have done differently to make that happen?’
Joe: If you keep that up, I guarantee that you’ll make money. I’ve never had anybody that followed through with this process and did the work that didn’t make money. So, I wish the best to you. Hang in there, and keep up with it, because it’s a cool business once you get it up and running. When you learn how to talk to these folks and you can put together a deal in 15 minutes and practically everything else is done for you, it makes your life so much easier. Good luck.

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