How To Find Buyers And Cash Out On The Houses You Control


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Read Transcript for “How To Find Buyers And Cash Out On The Houses You Control”

Joe: First of all, I want to direct you to the training materials that teach this in more depth than I can do on this video. Go to your Automarketer to your training tab and then to ‘Training Conference Call Recordings With Joe’ and scroll down the page then go to ‘How To Find Buyers and Close Deals Part 4”. This is a powerful audio that teaches you exactly what you need to do and how to do it.
Joe: It’s really not difficult to sell a property. It’s much easier than finding sellers and putting deals together. Once you find the sellers, this is the cakewalk. It typically should take you less than a month to get it done if you structure the deal correctly.
Joe: But let’s look at some other tools that you can use to make it happen. Unfortunately there’s not a site we can go and scrape for buyers, so what we do instead is we build our buyers list over time using our Craigslist ads, classified ads and all of the places that we bring in people. We put them into our database. And again, let’s go to our clone site admin. We’ll scroll down the page here and we’ll go into the autoresponder control panel which will bring up Contactor Plus and that usually opens it up to this campaign thing here.
Joe: As you bring in more buyers, they’re going to come into this, and let’s say you’ve got a buyers list like I have here – 389 people – these can get big really fast (I haven’t done any work at all to build this one because we use our other sites) but let’s say you’ve got one that’s even this big. It’s really easy to send a message to these people when you get a new property. I can click on filter and it’ll bring up all of the people that are on that list that are interested in buying rent to buy.
Joe: Then I can do ‘Campaign,’ ‘New Campaign,’ and ‘Broadcast’. I can send out a broadcast email to everyone on this list and I just plug in their information right here. It makes it really easy to make that happen.
Joe: So I put in the from email address (who I want it to come from) which would be me. I put in the subject line, and then I put in the information here as well.
Joe: Once you fill out that information, you can scroll down the page and you can send that out immediately or you can time what day you want it to go out on. Then click on Start and Save and it’ll send it out to all of the subscribers. If you see in this particular database, I’ve got 1100 subscribers. 389 of them are the ones that I filtered (if you remember, they were the buyers). That message will go out to all of those people.
Joe: So, it’s a wonderful way to contact everybody quickly. Now, let’s look at a couple of other pages. We’ve got this sellers site that I showed you before, but let’s go look at the buyers site. If I go here, there’s two main buyers sites that we want to look at. One is the rent to own buyers site and this is a generic site that tells people what rent to buy is. And if you’re putting out signs or running generic ads about rent to buy, ’Buy A House Rent To Buy,’ or, ‘I’ve Got 9 Houses Rent To Buy,’ or those types of things, you can direct them to this page, and they can fill out their information. They can tell you how much they’ve got for a down payment. They can put how many bedrooms and baths they want and they can register. When they do that, it puts them into Contactor Plus campaigns for rent to own buyers and then it sends them a list of messages that explains how rent to buy works and keeps them on board. Then, as you get these properties, you’re not going to talk to these people (by the way). You’re only going to talk to people that are calling about a specific property, so these are a generic list.
Joe: You’re going to send these people, though – every week, you’re going to send out an email to them with any properties that you have for sale during that week. If you sent them one last week, and all you’ve got is one property and you’ve got the same property this week, you send that property out the second week. In the meantime, this system is sending out emails to them to remind them about what it means to be a rent to own property and get them excited about that concept.
Joe: I also want to show you the listing site for your property so that when you get a new listing, you can put it on your listing site so that people can go to it and you can link to it with other forms of marketing and your emails and your Craigslist ads and the other ads that you run.
Joe: This takes you to the listing site admin, and if I click here, it’ll open up this page here. I can log into the admin from here. It’ll allow me to put in new property listings. I explained how to do this. If you go back to your clone site admin, you can go to the tutorial page and there’s a bunch of videos on here that’ll teach you how to use this stuff. It’s pretty easy to put it all together.
Joe: If I go to the home page here, you’ll see that you can put your listings on here and you can use the data feed to populate this with other student’s listings so that we can share them with each other. All of them will have your name on them so that you get the call. You don’t want to send calls off to somebody else. There’s a lot of cool tools to this listing site as well, and this is all part of the clone sites that you’ve already got and you should already know about.
Joe: You can also change the colors on this. You can do a lot of different things. All you have to do to find out more about it is go into the tutorials and this’ll show you how to do most of the different functions of the clone sites.
Joe: Anyway, the first thing to do though is go into this training session and learn how to find buyers and close your deals. It actually shows you what paperwork to use and all of that as well.
Joe: I hope that helps and good luck with it, and get those deals closed. The wonderful thing about this system is that when you close the deal, you get the cash in your pocket at closing. This is so different than the way realtors work or any other type of investor works. Usually, when you sell a property you have to wait for an escrow period for it to close, but what we’re doing is getting the paperwork signed and getting the check in our pocket THAT DAY, and that’s a beautiful thing. Not a personal check by the way – it’s got to be certified funds.
Joe: Anyway, good luck with it.

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