How To Find Investors To Buy Your Deals


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“How to Find Investors to Buy Your Deals”


“How to Find Investors to Buy Your Deals”

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Here’s the next question that I’ve got. How to find investors to buy your deals. Investors are very easy to find if you’ve got a real deal. If you’ve got a deal that’s mediocre or doesn’t make sense or if you don’t know what a good deal is, and you try to sell it, it’s going to be impossible to sell. But if you have a deal that fits one of those two possibilities, then you’re going to be able to find somebody.

Joe: And remember, the two possibilities for making money as an investor are one, has to be on terms at or below market value or two, available at substantially below market value. Now, it’s always easier to sell to an investor or to get an investor in property if you have a terms deal because it means they have to come up with less cash. The more cash they have to come up with, the smaller the pool is of people that you can go after to sell your properties to.

Joe: So it makes more sense to go after zero down structures than it does to go after assignable cash deals or wholesaling deals because the pool of buyers is so much greater. Never go after, never go out and find properties for just one investor. He says, “Oh, go find me some properties and I’ll buy them from you.” And then when you go out and you do all this work and you do your due diligence and you get all the properties together and you do, you know, you bring it to your guy and he says, “Ah, that’s not really quite what I want,” or “My cash is a little tied up right now, I need another month,” and your deal falls apart.

Joe: But if you have a list of investors and you build this list by advertising great deals on Craigslist and you’ll start to build a list and you keep track of these people and you, and once you build a list of twenty, thirty, fifty, a hundred, a thousand, I’ve got, you know, seventy thousand people, investors, on my list, so when I have a good deal I can sell it, you know, probably just by making a phone call because I know who’s on my list. I know the people that are active right now on my list. So a lot of times I’ll just make a phone call.

Joe: But, if I, you know, don’t want to do that, I can just send out one email to the list and the property is sold typically in an hour or two as soon as people get the email and read. They know that I’ve got some credibility, they know who I am, you know, it makes it easy for me to sell a property. But the reason that they’re buying is not because I have credibility or because they know who I am, but because they know, but because the deal makes sense and I can prove that the deal makes sense.

Joe: So you have to make sure that you put together deals that make sense if you want to flip them to investors or find other investors. And when you do that and you start working with people, then they’re going to naturally start coming to you and say, “Hey, Joe, I’ve got fifty thousand dollars that I want to invest. How can we make money together?” And then you can, you can start partnering those people if you choose to do that. I can barely keep my own money working, let alone work with other people, and other peoples’ money.

Joe: And if you do that by the way, and star working with private money, and I wrote a book on this, so go to Amazon and look up my name and look for the private money book. It talks about different ways to do this that’s very different than the conventional methods that people who teach private money use because I don’t like any of those methods. They’re too much work. I like internet marketing as a better way to do it.

Joe: But it you’re going to get people to work with you like that you can make a large amount of money. Just make sure you’re splitting the profits up in a way that makes sense for you. You know, you should be making a majority of the profits when you’re doing deals like that and still being able to give your investors good money and give them a safe return. But you want to make sure that you do it where you follow the SEC rules and don’t get yourself put in jail. So be careful when you’re using private money so you don’t fall into those traps.

Joe: Anyway, finding investors for your deals is simple if you have good deals. It’s all predicated upon having good deals. All right. Good luck.

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