How To Generate Motivated Seller Leads For 35 Cents Each


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How To Generate Motivated Seller Leads For 35 Cents Each

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Today I’m going to show you how to generate seller leads for 35¢ apiece. And I’m going to show you how to do it with the Automarketer. So let’s go over to the computer and take a look.

Joe: Okay, I’m inside the Automarketer now and I’m going to show you how to generate motivated seller leads for 35¢ each. And we’re inside the Automarketer section of the Automarketer. This is the section that goes into craigslist and other for sale by owner sites. It scrapes information from there. It then sends a text message to the people that are asking to sell their home and saying that we’d like to buy their home, except we want to do it on a rent to buy basis. And let me show you real quickly how this process works so you can see for yourself what this thing does.

Joe: It’s set up so that we have different types of campaigns that can go out. We can pick the phone number that it goes out from, so if you want to pick a phone number with a different Area Code and work in a different area you can do that. Then you can pick the housing, we’re going for real estate for sale by owners, and then in this account we’re doing Indianapolis. But you can pick any area that you want that’s in craigslist. And once you do that you can also pick the minimum and maximum price, how many bedrooms minimum that you want, minimum square footage.

Joe: And then you can use Key Words to include or exclude key words from your campaigns if you choose to do that. Normally, we don’t do that unless we’re doing something special, or we’re trying something different. And then we can send out a text message or a voice blast, one of those two things in the Automarketer. We’ve got ways to do emails, too, with broadcast, but not to the leads that are coming out of craigslist because all we get are anonymized email addresses from there.

Joe: So this is a sequence, though, a three-month sequence that’s going to go out. So we’ll pick these leads, it’s going to automatically scrape these leads and start sending the first message on Day One, which is going to say, “I saw the home you advertised and wondered if you’d consider selling it rent to buy? If so, please let me know.” This is all done for you. And then they’re going to respond. And 80% to 90% of our responses are going to say, “No, I’m not interested.”

Joe: Now, the other 10% to 20% are going to say, “Yes,” or “Maybe,” or “Give me $20,000 and I’ll do it,” and then you can get on the phone with them and put the deals together. Let me show you again the numbers that we’re getting on these leads. This one we’ve scraped 3,100 and it sent out 525 in this account. Now, the reason this is so much smaller than this is because it looks for duplicates, it looks for other problem type of leads, it looks for properties that don’t have phone numbers, you know, those it can’t send to. But it’s going to send out, it sent out 525 and it got 313 and leads. That’s a 59% response rate and they’re 7¢ apiece, so if, you know, if you, say that one in five you know, 20%, is a lead, that’s 35¢ per lead that said, “Yes.”

Joe: And we also, you can see here we have Clicks. These are the people that have clicked on the links. If I go back to this I can show there’s a three-month campaign, so every, at the beginning we send out a couple of them in the first week, three of them, I think, in the first week. And then after that it sends out one a week, and after that for three months. And in the ones that we’re sending out, it has links to the clone sites and it’s going to send out the link so that they can actually go look at the clone site and be sold on the idea of working with you.

Joe: When those leads come back they’re going to come back into the Lead Management System here and then we’re going to see them on this list. And this is the Lead Dashboard, which, you know, breaks it all down into, you know, each lead into a separate section. But you can also click on the name and it will expand it into a full blown sheet that has lots of information. You can also put the information in about their property. So if they’ve called about a property, you can type in the information about the property and it’ll give you the Lead Questionnaire. And you can fill out this Lead Questionnaire.

Joe: And if you have all this information in the property and all the things that you need to know about this property, you’re going to be able to make an offer on that property. You can also see the information that came in from the ad and you can click there and view it on craigslist if it’s still on craigslist. If it’s not on craigslist anymore, it’ll just show that it’s no longer there. But that’s why we also gather this information so that you’ll have that even over the three month period after it’s been taken off of craigslist. So you’ve got some good information here.

Joe: So these are the leads that you’re going to get for 35¢ apiece. Not too bad.

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