How To Get Someone Else To Put Your Deals Together For You


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“How to Get Someone Else to Put Your Deals Together for You”


Joe: Hey, it’s Joe Crump. Another outrageous claim that we’ve made over the years. How to get someone else to put your deals together for you. This is where you don’t have to talk to anyone, do anything, all you have to do is occasionally talk to the guy who’s doing the work, or the girl that’s doing the work for you. So you can hire someone to do this.

There’s a lot of other things that you want to outsource before you outsource this particular job because this is the rainmaker job. The job of talking to the sellers, that’s the rainmaker job. That’s the job that’s going to be most productive and make you the most money but it’s not always the job that you enjoy the most. So you may want to outsource it. I like to outsource some of those tasks so I don’t have to do them all.

Joe: Or you can make it a little bit easier. You can do it in stages and we’ve been doing it a couple of different ways. One, we’ve hired people, you know, really low hourly wage people for seven, eight dollars an hour to do it and people that are from overseas, maybe the Philippines, or Jamaica or something like that, and then we have them call through the Automarketer system so that it looks like a local number to whatever area that we happen to be working in. They call and they do the two-step process where they ask them a series of questions.

Joe: All those questions are on the lead sheet in the Automarketer where, and basically it’s just questions about their mortgage and if they’d like to sell rent to buy, and, you know, what their motivation level is and where they’re moving and how soon they have to move and things like that to help us understand, you know, whether there are real leads or not.

Joe: And as our telemarketers call these people and the better they get at it, they can get people to say, “Yeah, I’m interested in doing it,” and they’ll say, “Well, to you want to talk to Joe? He’s a nice guy, he won’t push you. If you don’t want to do it it’s okay. I think you’ll like him, and he’ll give you a fair offer. He’s going to give you a cash offer and he’s going to give you a terms offer. Would that be okay? Can I schedule a time for you to talk to him?”

Joe: And then they’ll schedule a time. And usually those people will take my call because they’re expecting a cash offer. So it’s important to say that. And we give them a cash offer, but it’s going to be a very low cash offer, you know, it’s going to be an offer that’s cash that we can flip on a wholesale deal. But it’s more likely that they’re going to accept the terms offer because the terms offer because the terms offer is going to be more likely that they can actually accept it. If they’ve got a mortgage on there, they won’t be able to take the cash offer unless they come up with a ton of cash. So that’s how we have them position that.

Joe: Now, we keep track of them through the phone system in the Automarketer by having them call through that phone system. It records their calls, it keeps track of how long they were on the phone call and we pay them 150% of the time that they’re on the call. So if we’re paying them, you know, ten dollars an hour, and they put in ten hours on the phone, we’ll have recordings of those phone calls, so we’ll pay them for fifteen hours because we know there’s administrative work and stuff like that for them to keep track of the leads and do the follow up and all that.
So we pay them, you know, for fifteen hours if they’ve actually made ten hours’ worth of phone calls. And one of the things that we’ve been finding lately is that it probably makes more sense to hire somebody local to the United States here. They don’t have to be in the state that you’re working, but local in the United States to make the calls for you. You can do this all remotely, and in one of these videos I’m going to show you how to do these things remotely as well.

Joe: But you get somebody local and pay them fifteen dollars an hour. You know, pay somebody who’s good on the phone and it might be possible for them to convert into actually closing the deals rather than just doing the two-step process that you’re going to have with the lower qualified people. But even somebody who is a good sales person is going to have to learn this process, so give them the two-step process and make sure you can close at first.

Joe: Now, when you’re going to outsource people like this, have them outsource in a different area so with the Automarketer it allows you to outsource in multiple areas. So let’s say you’re working in the specific area that you know and you built an infrastructure and you’ve got your business going and you’ve already started getting your deals together. You know how to close these deals. Stay on that yourself while you’re teaching somebody else to do it in a different city.

Joe: Have them work in a different city, you can listen to their recordings, see how they do. You can give them advice, make sure they’re saying the right things, make sure they’re not going to get you in trouble by saying the wrong things. And then you could also get on the, on a conference calls with them and teach them and do role play with them and listen to them. It takes a while to teach someone and you’re probably going to have to go through four or five people, maybe ten people, before you find someone who sticks.

Joe: But at least after you’ve done a couple of them, you’ll know when to fire people because they don’t show up, or they don’t make the calls or the leads come in and they don’t call them back right away. If they’re not calling them back right away within that same, just few hours, then you’re probably not going to get that deal together because you’re going to lose trust from the seller and you will no longer appear competent. So they need to be people that are going to call them back right away. If they don’t then you need to get rid of that person and bring the next person in and train them.

Joe: But, what I suggest when you train them, you do it on, there’s a website called and you can get on the, on a conference call with them or with more than one person if you’re training more than one person, and you can record your calls and you can keep those recordings so that when you have to bring in the next person, you can give them that recording and they can listen to it and they’ll have a good understanding of how the process works and then you can get on the phone and do role play with them and listen to them and see how well they do.

Joe: Once you’ve done this training a couple of times, or if you’re in my programs you can use my recordings on how to teach these people, but, once you’ve gotten a few people through this process, then you can do role play yourself with them and you can hear before you hire them whether or not they can do the process. And if they’ve listened to the audio before you do the interview with them, then you’re going to have an ideal of whether or not they can perform.

Joe: So the big thing with hiring anybody is to stay on top of them and make sure they perform. Because if you’re saying, well, I’ll just go ahead and work this ten hours, then you’re going to pay them for that ten hours, and the next ten hours, and the next ten hours, and the next ten hours, and that’s going to get expensive and they’re not going to perform because you haven’t trained them properly. This is the biggest problem with outsourcing someone to call your sellers.

Joe: And before you get somebody to outsource calling your sellers, get someone to do your admin work, you know, for seven or eight bucks an hour, you can get somebody to do all your admin work, then hire somebody to work with your buyers. Because buyers are a lot easier to work with and to talk to than sellers are.

Joe: So those are the two things that I would outsource first and then move into the sellers, but do that in a different city.

Joe: Okay. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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