How To Make 20k Per Month With 5 hours of Work Per Week


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How To Make 20k Per Month With 5 hours of Work Per Week

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. This next question, or actually this is a statement. How to make $20K per month with 5 hours of work per week. It all comes down to systems. I know I talk about this a lot, but systems are the heart of any business. If you don’t have systems in place, it means that you have to do all the work yourself. Or, you have to hand it to somebody and they don’t know what they need to do. Because you can’t really hand over a business to somebody else unless they know what to do. You can’t automate a business unless you know what to do.

Joe: So you learn the business, you do the process yourself, and then you systematize it. Take McDonald’s for example. If you got out and buy a McDonald’s franchise, they’re going to make you go to Hamburger University before they’ll sell you one. Hamburger University walks you through the entire business. Everything from the accounting to how to flip a burger, to how to wash the floors in the bathroom. They have test stores that they make you go into and they train you in a test store so that you can actually do every function of the business that you own.

Joe: Now, you’re not going to do that, you know, you’re going to spend a million bucks on the franchise, so you’re not going to go and wash the bathroom floors. You’re going to hire somebody to do that for you. But you want to use a system to do that. McDonald’s has a 200% employee turnover every year. That means that no employee stays there more than six months. They’re constantly having a turnover on their business which means, and on top of that, they have an incredibly consistent product. You go to McDonald’s, I don’t care where you go in the world, whether it’s here in the United States or overseas to a McDonald’s, and the burgers taste the same, the process is the same, the packaging is the same, the menu looks the same. I know exactly when I go into a McDonald’s in Berlin, I know exactly what to order and how to order it.

Joe: Sometimes they’ll have, you know, special things for that particular location, but I know how to do it. I know how to order and I know what a Big Mac is. And I can get that anywhere in the world. And that’s the beauty of having systems. And remember, that’s being done by people who just started their jobs, who haven’t been doing it very long and don’t really know what they’re doing. But they have a system in place that tells them what they’re supposed to do. They know that when that beeper goes off, they need to flip the burger. When it goes off again, they need to put it on the bun. And here’s the picture of how that bun goes together, and here’s how it fits in the box. And here’s how many of these boxes go into this bag.

Joe: You know, they know all that stuff. Everything is broken down to the finest detail. And that’s what we’ve tried to do with the Automarketer. And what I’ve tried to do with my business. And I built the Automarketer around my own business so that I could use it for my own business and make sure that I was systematized, so it did the things that we needed in our business. And by doing that, I knew that I could also accomplish that for you as well.

Joe: So, by having a system like this, it allows me to work less than 5 hours a week on my real estate business. It’s probably substantially less than that, probably around 2 hours a week on my real estate business. I put very little effort into my real estate business now. Now, the thing that I spend my time on is a lot of the other businesses that are related to the real estate business to make sure that they’re moving. And I try to expand my businesses. But my main core real estate business doesn’t take much of my time at all anymore. And I still am doing deals every month. I’m still flipping properties, I’m still buying properties for my portfolio. We’re still managing the properties. All those things happen without my personal input.

Joe: What I do every two weeks when we go through all the bills, I’ll sit down with my bookkeeper and we go through all the bills, I look at our numbers, she pulls up P&L sheets, I look at the sheet of, you know, how much money we made in this quarter versus how much we did the year before so I always know how we compare with where we’ve been in the past, if we’re growing, if we’re declining. You know, if we have any problems, if we’ve got more expenses coming out at one point than another.

Joe: So that makes it possible for us to know exactly what’s going on in my business at any particular time without me putting very much effort into it at all. So, you want to build systems and you want to figure out what you’re doing and then you want to figure out the step by step of that, the easiest possible path to get it done, and then you want to have somebody else do it. Whether it’s an automated system doing it for you, or whether it’s a person doing it for you, it doesn’t matter. And then you also want to find all the junk that is not important and throw that out.

Joe: All right. So, that’s how you make the money. And if you’re doing the deals that I’m teaching you on these videos, you’re going to make $20K a month without any problem.

Joe: All right. Good luck.

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