How to run 9 businesses in 20 hours a week?


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I’m getting a lot of emails from folks who are a bit confused by all the different things I teach.

They don’t know which program is which and they don’t know how to get started and which program to start with.

Many are also concerned about the complexity of my system and their fear that they are not computer literate and will be lost trying to navigate it.

Overwhelm – it’s the major problem when starting and maintaining a business.

So, I thought I’d explain it by showing you how I built and maintain +9 businesses with less than 20 hours a week of my personal effort.

Putting your business on Autopilot

I do it with systems. Most of the work my business does is not done by me. It’s automated. What I can’t automate, I outsource.

I spend my time communicating with the people who work for me and answering their questions – not doing the work myself. And I do this by skype of by email – sometimes by phone – almost never in person – and usually from the comfort of my home office.

To do this, you MUST have systems and policies in place.

The way to build a system is one step at a time.

I’ve spent decades building my systems.

The programs, software and websites that I sell to other investors are the systems I’ve built to run my own businesses. They’ve been tested, tweaked and proven all over the country and all over the world by vastly different folks with different skill sets and different priorities.

I’ve duplicated these for you.

Here is a very brief outline of how they are laid out so that anyone can come in on day one and start doing deals.

This is the order in which you need to learn these systems. You don’t need to know the 2nd thing till you know the 1st – you don’t need to know the 4th thing until you know the 3rd.


1. Learn the deal structure I call the “For Rent Method.”

2. Turn on the software that brings in these seller financed deals.

3. Learn how to speak effectively with these leads. NOTE: This process has the biggest learning curve for most folks. Everything else can be done with the push of a few buttons. It is vital that you learn how to talk if you want to be an entrepreneur. If you learn this skill, you can be effective in ANY business you want to build. My programs spend a lot of time on this topic because I know how important it is. You don’t really need to know how the software works, you just need to know how to turn it on and it will produce for you – BUT – you do need to learn how to be effective making offers. This doesn’t mean you have to be a cutthroat scam artist salesman – what it means is that you need to learn how to diagnose the situation the seller and buyer is in and then prescribe the best solution for them. Most of the folks we talk to have a problem that we have the solution for.

4. Find Buyers. This is simple if you set up the deal properly. You can also easily have someone else do it for very little money.

5. Follow up effectively with leads who didn’t say “yes” the first time your system contacted them. Of course you don’t do this yourself. Let the automation of list building and autoresponders (sequential emails that go out to a prospect over time) do the work for you.

That is the entire system in a nutshell.

A. Using automation to make offers (once it’s set up, you will not do anything to make this happen).

B. Getting those offers accepted (This can take 15 to 30 minutes per property).

C. Selling the properties. (If you do it yourself – 1 to 2 hours)

D. Getting paid. (The time it takes to drive to the bank – unless you automate that too, like I do.)

Rinse and repeat.

So let’s say it takes you 10 times as much time to accomplish as much as I do, you will have 10 hours in every deal. If you average $3500 per deal, that means you made $350 per hour. That means you can either do more deals or spend the time doing what you want with the ones you love.

How many of these deals do you need to do a month to maintain your standard of living. How many would you need to do to have the standard of living of a brain surgeon? I have many students who have incomes that well exceed the income of brain surgeons – and they built those businesses in a few short years. And most of them started making money in weeks or months from the time they started.

I tell everyone to give themselves 3 to 4 months before they can expect to make any money at all – even though I have many who have made money in a week – but those folks are the exception, not the rule.

Over time, you learn to implement more and more of the systems I’ve created, but it’s VERY IMPORTANT to note that you don’t need to understand all of the systems in order to start making money – you just need the basics. When you understand the way systems work and the way to set them up, you may start testing and creating your own systems.

Most of the systems I now use and teach came from testing and tweaking my own business and teaching and testing the systems needed by my students. You always learn more by teaching than you do as a student. That is my big secret – I am constantly mentored by my students and get new ideas constantly from watching and collaborating with them. I’m going to show you how to teach people who will work for you and do the task of putting deals together for you – like they do for me. This is something new that I’m adding to my upcoming Buying Event training this time.

Okay – I’m talking your ear off here – hopefully, this gives you a better picture of how and why I set all this up. Hopefully, it shows you how you can build and run multiple businesses at the same time without giving up all the hours of your life to succeed.

Now I’d like to show you how you can use what I teach to build your own business.

Let me walk you through the maze of programs and tools I have available to launch your business.


Everyone learns a little differently – some of us are better readers, some are better at hearing the instructions, some are better at seeing video. Most of us do best when we have someone we trust to teach us and allow us to ask questions.

I have programs and systems for each of these types.


You can learn my systems in the following programs and tools.

1. My home study program:

This program is the most comprehensive home study program I have. It has a lot more in it than just the For Rent Method (it is huge), but that system is it’s focus. IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t buy this program! You can NOW get it free if you buy either 6 months (in advance) of the Automarketer program (and you only have to pay for 5 months and you get one free) OR if you join my 6 month Mentor program.

2. My software and website system:

This is my newest system and technology. There is no other program like this in the world. I know there are a few that are trying to emulate (copy) it, but they don’t don’t know how to make it work like we do – we’ve been doing this for a while and we know all the tricks to make the software work.

This system takes all of the pieces of the “For Rent Method” and adds “Subject To” deals (for portfolio building) and uses technology to provide you with an endless stream of seller financed deals. This is a good system to start with if you are good at learning from Audio and Video. My personal help is not included in this program – we do have a support desk to make sure the technical aspects are working, but those guys, genius as they may be, are not investors.

This program also allows you to come to one day (Friday) of my Three Day Buying event that is coming up on October 11-13, 2013… no charge.

3. My 6 Month Personal Mentor program: and

This is the program where you work with me personally for 6 months to get your business launched and profitable. When you follow my instructions in this program, I personally guarantee you will make money (and I guarantee it in writing).

This program also allows you to come to my 2 and 3 Day Buying Events in Indianapolis, which I hold about 3 times a year… so it’s a great way to mastermind with other investors in my group. It also gives you daily access to me by email – to ask me questions. And of course, our bi-weekly conference calls that seem to go on for hours. There are rarely more than half a dozen other mentor students on these calls so there is always time for you to personally ask me your questions – and then you can’t get me to shut up.

I have a lot of folks who tell me they want to get into my mentor program, but need to do a deal first before they can afford it. I understand and that is no problem for me, but consider this – if you want to be a heart surgeon, but can’t afford it, would it make sense to say, “I’ll get into medical school as soon as I do a couple of quadruple bypass surgeries so I can afford it.”

The cost of education is NOT cheap – until you look at the cost of no education.

I’m sending my son to college and my daughter starts next year. What I charge is much less than what it costs to go to a year of college – in fact, it’s 5 to 10 times cheaper than ONE SEMESTER at most colleges and universities… and I’m willing to finance a big part of it (see the site for details).

So with that said, I want to encourage you to get involved – whether it’s with one of my home study programs, my software and website system or my personal mentor program.

I’d be honored to be your guide through this process and I promise that I will give you the tools, skill and knowledge you need in order to make money.

I’d love to meet you at my upcoming event.

If you want to get involved in my mentor program, give me a call at 317-598-1220. If you want to buy any of the other programs, just go to the websites and order there.

Please don’t call me unless you have read the info about the mentor program and understand how it works and what it costs (and have the resources) and are serious about getting involved. Unfortunately, as much as I’d like to speak with everyone, that is not possible.

I wish you all the best of all good things.

Joe Crump

Bonus: 6 Month Mentor Program

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