“How To Sell Your Property For 10% OVER Value… FAST!”

Did you know that you can get 5-10% more for the homes you sell AND get higher than market rent!


In order to understand this process you need to realize the VALUE of what you are learning here.

I know that these articles that I’m sending you are just that; FREE, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this information is just filler, a tool I use to scam you into making a decision, or a compilation of e-books I got for free off the Internet.

This is ALL unique information that I have developed with MY SYSTEM.


Maybe it’s hard to believe that this information is so incredible and life-changing (you’ve heard so much hype on the internet), but I am about to prove it to you.

Good businesses are built on systems, because systems are duplicatable… you can do them over and over again.

In the system you are learning, you are using my ideas, and you are learning to implement this system into YOUR business.

The key to this method is to understand what I have been saying; people will pay YOU because they do NOT KNOW how to structure deals the way that you do.

You will have deals that they are DYING to get, but they just don’t know how to find them with the price, structure or terms that you can provide when you use my techniques.

That is why you can sell these homes with a 5%-10% premium and even charge higher than market value rent.

You can also get non-refundable, lease option money from your tenants rather than a security deposit that you have to give back to them at the end of their lease.

Lease option money can pay for your vacancies if you know how to structure your contracts! I give you the complete contracts (sample forms that are filled out and blank forms that you can print out and use) in my book, “$0 Down Real Estate Investing With Bad Credit And No
Job!” and (digitally) in my “Stupid Proof System” ™ CDs.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the process of Lease Option, here it is…

You grant a tenant the option to buy your property at a specific price and within a specific time period.

In exchange for the option to buy, the tenant pays a non-refundable lease option fee.

Often, a portion of their monthly payment and their lease option money will apply to their down payment when and if they do purchase.

If they don’t exercise their option to buy within the time period allotted, the option monies and any payments made toward the house are forfeited.

Depositphotos_7334535_sSurprisingly, I have found that only a small percentage of Lease Option buyers will actually exercise the option. My statistic is that only 50-60% will end up closing. The remainder move out after their option period expires.

I then put those properties back on the market at a higher price and get a new lease option fee from a new buyer. All through this process, I get to apply the tax benefits of owning rental property to reduce my income tax, but I have much fewer headaches than being a landlord because I require that the lease option buyer maintain and repair the property.

Pretty cool.

I’m going to continue this material with my next article…”How To Lease Option Your Properties!

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“How I Bought My First Property At 4 O’clock And Sold It At 6!” – Nina Lance

You have to listen to this message that a past client of mine, Nina Lance, left on my voice mail.

I am including this audio because I think it displays PERFECTLY how EASY it is to find investors, and how much money they are ready to hand over to someone who knows what they are doing… or at least appears to know what they are doing. 

Nina was hardly an expert, but she didn’t have to be, she just had to be better than the other “investors” out there, and she was.

There’s an old saying, “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man (or woman, in this case) is King.”

Remember if you can save investors time and energy, and you know how to structure the types of deals that they want, you are going to make a killing.

Nina is really excited on this audio and I just wanted you to get a sense of the energy and optimism that bubbles forth from her.

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