How To Talk To Your Seller Leads So They Sign Over Their House


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Read Transcript for “How To Talk To Your Seller Leads So They Sign Over Their House”

You can make a ton of money by learning how to talk to sellers as a solver of their problems. I’m going to show you how the “Push Button Method” will help you do this.
Joe: This short video can’t possibly give you all of the information that you need to talk to these people, but what I want to do is direct you to the training module that does that for you. It’s such an important part of this process. There’s nothing really more important than being able to put together a deal.
Joe: Automation is fantastic and it makes the business work and function in a consistent, regular, reliable way, but if you don’t know how to put together the deals, it makes it much more difficult to put these things together. And the biggest learning curve that you’re going to have is not learning how to use all of this automation (because you can press a few buttons and get it going) – the big learning curve for you is going to be learning how to talk to sellers and make an offer.
Joe: Go to the training tab when you open your Automarketer. Go to ‘Training Conference Call Recordings With Joe’ and listen to the For Rent Method, and then, scroll down the page and listen to “Talking To Sellers”. Listen to this one multiple times. Keep listening to it because the more you listen to it, the more these words are going to get into your mouth. They’re going to make it so that they just pop out and you’re not going to have to think about it anymore.
Joe: Right now, I’ve got you using the script. And if you scroll up to the top of the page again, I use the For Rent Method contracts. In this download, it has the lease option agreement memo, the resident documents, the addendum documents, the phone script and the tenant application.
Joe: This phone script is going to be valuable to you to learn how to speak to these people, to have the right questions and to make it easier. But, the more you listen to the talking to sellers audio, the better you’re going to understand how to speak these words, so that the phone script no longer sounds like you’re saying a script and you don’t sound like you’re reading.
Joe: You know how terrible it is when you get a call from AT&T and the guy on the other line barely speaks English and he’s reading, and it sounds like he’s reading and he doesn’t sound competent or intelligent, or it doesn’t sound like he knows what he’s talking about.
Joe: I got on a chat just yesterday with Adobe on their support site and the guy had no idea what I was talking about. He could not understand what I was discussing with him, and so it made their credibility drop through the floor (and I have a pretty high regard for Adobe and the products that I use because I do video editing with that). If you talk to them and you don’t have any credibility or you don’t have any ability to talk to these folks, it’s going to be very hard to put these deals together because you won’t sound like you know what you’re doing.
Joe: Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get on the phone and talk to these people about these deals as they come in even with no experience. You just need to know that when you do it, you’re going to sound like an idiot. You’re not going to sound like you’re the sharpest knife in the drawer. But that’s okay – you’ll learn by doing. The only thing that you have to sacrifice here is your ego. And that’s okay – nobody’s going to remember you – nobody’s going to care about you.
Joe: I think one of the things to remember as you’re putting these deals together is that none of the sellers that you’re dealing with here cares about you or what you need. I’m not saying that to be cynical. I’m just saying that that’s the way the world works with marketing. When you’re out there, you’re there to solve a problem for them or they’re not interested. If you’re not a solution to their problem, then you’re not useful to them, and they’re going to want to move on quickly. Until they understand that you ARE a solution to their problem, they’re going to feel that way.
Joe: And remember, with a lot of the leads that are coming in here, they’re going to be either warm leads or hot leads coming in with people that are saying, ‘Yes, tell me more about lease options.’ Or, ‘Yes, I’m interested in the lease option.’ Or, ‘Yes, I’d be interested in the lease option but I want $20,000 down.’ There’s going to be different expectations and they’re going to want different things from you and you have to lead them through this process that I teach you in these audios to get them to comply and to accept your terms and do it your way.
Joe: You don’t want to do it their way. You want to do it your way. You want to do it the way that I teach you. Because the way that I teach you works, whereas the way they want to do it may not work, so do it the way you know that works so that you’re not spinning your wheels too much.
Joe: The more you do this, the better you get at it and the less you’re going to take deals that don’t make sense. Sometimes in the beginning, you take a deal that maybe doesn’t make quite as much sense or you do more of the things that they want to do than the way you want to do it, because you’re just not good on the phone yet and you’re not that good at talking to them or you’re not that good at convincing them that you know what you’re talking about.
Joe: But after a while, if you take a couple of bad deals or deals you can’t sell, they don’t cost you any money and they don’t hurt your credit. They don’t hurt anybody by you doing them except for the fact that if they’re bad deals, then you won’t get them sold and they won’t make you any money. And if that happens, then you’re going to want that not to happen next time.
Joe: If you start doing that several times in a row, you’re going to REALLY want that not to happen. At that point, you’re going to decide, ‘I’m going to do it the way Joe taught me to do it instead of trying to do it my own way. I’m going to try to get it priced properly, not the purchase price, but the monthly payment – priced properly. I’m going to structure it. I’m going to have control over it the way I need to have control over it in order to sell that property.’
Joe: That’s what talking to sellers is all about, and I hope that you’ll learn from the lessons that I have for you because I go into it in much more detail on that call.
Joe: I don’t know how many of you know my story but when I was in California, when I first began as an investor, I built a large business very quickly and then the crash came in 1991 and I lost everything. I lost houses and millions of dollars and it was very painful for me. I actually moved back to Indiana at that time. We had a new baby and I had to get back on my feet and I became a realtor.
Joe: The only thing that made me get out of the slump was when I was able to take my focus and stop feeling sorry for myself and stop feeling sorry for the things that I couldn’t accomplish and start thinking about the people I was trying to help.
Joe: As soon as I did that, everything changed. Suddenly they could sense it. They could sense that I was there to solve their problem and I wasn’t thinking about making money, even though I desperately needed money at that time. I had to change the way I thought about it and as soon as I did that, the whole dynamic changed, and it’ll do the same for you.
Joe: If you can go into this with compassion and love for the people that you’re talking to, even with the irritable people and the people that you don’t really like that much, and you know that they wouldn’t be advertising their home for sale unless they had a need even though may not tell you they have a need, although believe me, they’re not going to be wasting their time by running an ad and taking these calls unless they have a real need to get it done and by using the Automarketer system and pulling out the people who are raising their hand saying, ‘Yes, I might consider your solution’ – those are the people that are going to be easiest to talk to. So I’m trying to break this down to make it as easy as possible for you, but you still have to learn how to speak to these people to make it work.
Joe: So I wish you the best. Don’t give up. Keep at it. This has worked in every place we’ve done it. Don’t find excuses for why it’s not going to work for you. Then get through the process. Once you learn how to do it, it gets a lot easier. The first deal may take you weeks or months to get it done, but after that, it’s going to be a lot easier to get the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 100th deal done because then, you’ll get on the phone and spend 10 or 15 minutes with the people, put the deal together properly, hand it off and get the property sold.
Joe: Your income per hour goes way, way up and that’s when it starts get exciting. That’s when you start seeing this money pouring into your bank account and what makes this all worthwhile.
Joe: Stick with it. Learn the process. Learn love and compassion for the people that are trying to sell their properties and for the people you’re trying to help. Give them the best that you can. Talk to them like they’re your children. Talk to them like they’re your loved ones or your parents. Talk to them with authority. Talk to them with love and show them how to fix the problem. That’s what we have the solution to. That’s what we’re here for, and the result of that will be a big pile of money in your bank. Good luck.

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