How To Use A Website To Attract, Educate, Build Relationships And Follow Up With Hundreds Of Buyers


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Read Transcript for “How To Use A Website To Attract, Educate, Build Relationships And Follow Up With Hundreds Of Buyers”

Joe: I’ve been taking you through these last few videos through some of the different web pages that we have. We’ve got a lot of different things that we do. I’m giving you just the highlights so that you can see some of the different things that we have and how we put them together.

Joe: Each one of these is a different site; this is not one big catchall website that does all of these different things – each one of these is a specific different site with its own specific autoresponder follow up process with its own specific opt in page to bring people into your list so that you build your list. We have ways to market each one of these websites that you can bring people into.

Joe: If you paid a copywriter to write just one of these pages and they were smart enough to understand how real estate works and the different structures they can use and how to put it all together, and they were a professional copywriter that’s working on the same level that I am, you would pay them $10,000 or $20,000 just for one of these pages. These are all included. All of these different pages that I’ve been talking about with you are all included in the Mentor Program and the “Push Button Method”.

Joe: This next one that I’m going to talk to you about – and I haven’t been showing you all of the websites because they are proprietary. We use them specifically for my mentor students. I don’t give this out to a whole lot of people; I don’t want to water it down. I keep a fairly small group. When my group gets too big to where I can’t handle everyone myself personally or I can’t talk to everyone myself, then what I do is raise the price of the mentor program and it reduces again the amount of people that I’m working with. That way, I can always keep control of what’s going on. I’ll just raise my price to get fewer people and still have the same or greater revenue, which makes sense for me.

Joe: So anyway, this next website is the buyer website. Now, we’ve talked to you about the for rent seller website. We’ve talked to you about the investor website. We’ve talked to you about the desperate seller website. We’ve talked to you about the for sale by owner “Subject-To” website; all of those different things in previous videos. This one is just for buyers who need to buy rent to buy. We use all of the different techniques, whether it’s the signs, whether it’s Craigslist, whether it’s or whether it’s the for sale by owner websites; all of the different free or very inexpensive ways to bring leads into our process.

Joe: When they come to this site, the offer that we’re making on this site is to get a free list of homes that are available rent to buy, and, it educates them about the process. And, again, on this site, it has an audio of me talking about the rent to buy process, i.e. what it is, how it works, why it’s a benefit to the seller and gets them excited about the process and gets them to want to see what we have available. It tells them what they need, it tells them they don’t need to qualify and it tells them that they don’t need a lot of money to make it work, and that they can actually own their own property for their family no matter what their credit looks like and that we can make this work for them.

Joe: So those are the things that are on the website in an audio form and in text form, and then, again there’s an opt in form for them to fill out if they’re interested in the list of properties that you’ve got. Now once they fill out that form, it puts them into a database, an autoresponder, and then that autoresponder automatically sends them out an email that has your website with your list of properties, which is another thing that is included in my program (and I’ll talk about that in a different video).

Joe: It shows them all of the things that you’ve got available rent to buy, your investment properties and all of that stuff. And it talks about what they need to do to buy that property and how to get into that property and all of that stuff.

Joe: You can then either call those people directly and you can qualify them and find out if they’ve got money (because they’re going to tell you that they’ve got money on the website. Most of them that tell you they do actually do have money; some of them don’t) and you get them qualified and you help them get into one of your properties.

Joe: It’s easier to sell a property that you already have than to find a property for a buyer that they want, so focus on selling properties that you already have and finding more of those properties. Getting the buyers for those properties is not difficult. When I first started this, finding the buyers was the easy part it was really simple and I thought finding the sellers was more difficult. But then we started implementing these other strategies like the “For Rent Method” and this FSBO process, all of these other things that we now do to find sellers, it makes the sellers easier and it makes the buyers seem more difficult, even though they’re not more difficult – they’re just as easy as they’ve always been.

Joe: We can fill a property usually within days of the time that we get it, and always within a month, assuming that it’s an appropriate deal – assuming that the price makes sense. If it’s too far overpriced or the property’s not right, then we’re not going to get it sold. The deal has to make sense no matter how big your list is – I think I mentioned this before when I was talking about list building – the deal has to be right, otherwise you’re not going to sell it. So you have to learn how to put these deals together properly.

Joe: But once you do, you want to be able to automate this process, and then when you have buyers coming, they can either call you and leave a message on your voicemail and then you have to either call them back yourself or you have to have somebody call them back or you have to have somebody gather that information off of your website and email them something and you have to pay somebody to do that, or you can have it automated for you and use a website like this that captures that information, puts them into an autorepsonder, automatically sends them an email, gives them the information about where to go and how to buy and all of those things that they need to do, and makes that happen for you – it automates that process for you. And that’s the goal with everything that I do.

Joe: I call my method the “Push Button Method” for a reason – I want to push a button and I want everything to happen for me. I want to talk to as few people as possible. I want to know that when I’m talking to those people, its high value time that I’m spending, that I’m going to make money, and I’ve got an idea of how much money I want to make per hour, but even for folks who only want to make $100 or $500 an hour, these techniques will help you get there pretty quickly.

Joe: I’ll have people, who with the first deal they do, I’ll say,’Well, how much did you make?’ They say, ‘I made $4,000 on that deal. So maybe it wasn’t quite as much as I could have made.’ I say, ‘Okay, how many hours did you put into that?‘ ‘I had maybe 4 hours into the deal. It didn’t really take me long.’

Joe: Now, granted, they took time learning the process. They took time setting up their infrastructure and they took time doing those things, but the actual time that they had into the deal was maybe only four hours,. So they ended up making $500… (I’m doing my math wrong here) – If they made $4,000 and they put four hours into it, they ended up making $1,000 an hour. If it took them twice that long, they only made $500 an hour. If it took them four times that long then they made $250 an hour – they’re still making a huge amount of money for the amount of time that they’re putting in.

Joe: So it makes it possible for you to automate this process, create a pipeline, educate your buyers and sellers, keep them coming in all the time using cheap outsourced labor who does that work for you so that when you do your job, the job that I’m training you to do through this mentor program and through this Push Button Method, you will be able to make a lot of money during that time.

Joe: And that’s the whole goal of having your own business – its having other resources make money for you and having control of those resources so that it does that.

Joe: So this buyer list… And I’ve got people that have built buyer lists of thousands and thousands of buyers that they send out their emails to, so whenever they get a new property, they’ll just send out a blast email to that list saying, ‘I’ve got a new property. You better hurry because I’ve got 2000 people looking at it.’ Or even the people who have 100 people: ‘I’ve got 100 people looking at this.’ It still sounds like a lot of people. By the way, it doesn’t take long to build 100 people on your list; you can do that in a couple of weeks. So building a few thousand doesn’t take long either. I’ve got mostly investors on mine, 60,000 strong.

Joe: You can build these lists and you can make a lot of money out of it. Your lists are going to be worth a lot to you. These websites will help you create the kind of business that you want that’s going to give you the lifestyle that you want and to be successful in this business. I hope that helps.

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