How To Use Real Estate Investing Websites To Educate, Build Credibility and Sell – Part 11


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NOTE: These videos are for two types of people.

1) If you are currently using the Automarketer and Clone sites and want more training.

2) If you would like to create a business where 90% of the hard work of marketing is done by robots.


One of the biggest problems that new real estate investors have is credibility and trust. If Sellers, Buyers and Investors don’t think you are credible or trustworthy and can do what you say you can do, they won’t work with you.

This video shows examples of websites that work in concert with automatic follow up systems to educate, build credibility, build trust and sell you and the offers you are making.


When I figured out how to build and use sites like this, my business changed dramatically. Suddenly, I walked into negotiations with the other party knowing who I was and what I could do. I came in as a trusted expert rather than an unknown entity who had to do some fast talking to gain their trust.

IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY USING THE SYSTEM: Login to your Automarketer account and click on the “Training” tab. There are 7 hours of detailed training audios that are broken down into subjects. There is also a quick start (5 minute) video to get you sending out marketing emails immediately. You can also download all the forms, contracts and scripts you need to get going. Login to your account here:

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO USE THE SYSTEM, BUT HAVE NOT YET SIGNED UP: You can watch a 35 minute video with me walking you through the software and websites you need to make this system work. Once you are set up, the automated process takes very little effort. You can order the system here:

MY MENTOR PROGRAM AND BUYING EVENTS: I also have a Two Day Buying event coming up for my Six Month Mentor students. If you are interested in working with me personally and allowing me to take you by the hand and teach you this business – here is a video that tells you what it’s all about and how I work.


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