How To Use Videos Of Your Houses To Sell Them Fast


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NOTE: These videos are for two types of people.

1) If you are currently using the Automarketer and Clone sites and want more training.

2) If you would like to create a business where 90% of the hard work of marketing is done by robots.


One of the things a lot of my students have been doing very effectively is adding videos of their houses and of themselves to their listing sites and their web sites.

That way, when a Buyer comes to you site, they can click on the video and take a virtual tour of the house. AND it’s really cheap to hire someone to do this for you.

Here is how it works.


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Read Transcript for “How To Use Videos Of Your Houses To Sell Them Fast”

Joe: In this video, I’ll show you that it’s possible to use videos on your listing sites so that you can go around your house and take pictures of the house, you can walk through it with the video camera, upload those videos to YouTube and then put them on your listings.
Joe: Let’s go to the listing site first and log into that. I’m going to edit a current property listing. This is just a dummy listing that I created. It doesn’t have all of the details in it and it doesn’t have pictures of real houses in it. But, let me scroll down the page and this description is where I’m going to embed the video.
Joe: So let’s go to YouTube. Let’s go to my YouTube account and pull off one of the videos that I’ve got and let’s go to that video and turn off the thing because it’s noisy. And then I’m going to click on share and embed and it’s going to give me this embed code right here, and all I have to do is copy it. Then, I go back to my site and paste it on here, scroll down to the bottom of the page, update, and now when I go to the home page, you’ll see it there.
Joe: If I go to the main section here, that would be the picture of the house. I just threw in an old copy of my book cover here. And then my video goes right there, and if I click on that button, the video will start playing. That way, people can see from inside your listing site, what your video looks like. It’s very easy to do.
Joe: You know the old saying, ‘The more you tell, the more you sell.’ If you can walk around your properties and do these videos, you’re going to have a better chance of getting your properties sold. Again, you don’t have to do this work yourself. You can have an assistant do it for you. You can have somebody that you hire off of Craigslist for 8 bucks an hour to go out to the house and walk through the house with a video camera and take some pictures. You can add narration. You can do all sorts of things with video. I love video and what you can do with it, obviously, since I’m making these videos for you guys. So, this is another thing you can add to your home page.
Joe: While I’m showing you how to use video, you can also use it on your web pages, too. Let’s say you’re on your rent to own buyers site and you want to put some video in here. You have to know a little bit about coding, but it’s not that difficult to learn. So if I go to my YouTube site, again, and click on the embed video button for the video that I want to put in, and uploading is easy and free by the way – you can create a YouTube account and then upload to it, and then you’re going to get this embed code and take that right back to your listing site administrator, go to the .html editor. Then, if I want to edit this particular one here, instead of pasting it here, I need to go to the source code, which is the .html underlying this thing.
Joe: I’m just going to find a spot that I can plug it in here real quickly. I don’t know very much about .html but I just plugged it in right here. I’m going to save this, and then I’m going to go to my rent to own buyers site, which is here, and when I pull it up, this is what I’ll see. Now, if I know something about .html, I can get it centered, I can put it wherever I want it to go. I can get rid of the audio here and that way, when they play this, they can make that happen.
Joe: So if you’ve got a little bit of skill with putting this stuff in, you can make this stuff work a lot better than the way I just did it in three seconds. Remember, if you want to change it back, just go back to restore original document, then click save, and that way, when I go back to this site, I’ve got it back to normal again. I hope that helps.

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