How To Use Your Listing Site To Create The Most Sales And Profits


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Read Transcript for “How To Use Your Listing Site To Create The Most Sales And Profits”

I’m going to show you how to configure the clone sites, how to put listings on your site and how to get potential buyers to call you about your properties.
Joe: What I have opened here is the clone site admin. The listing site for mine is, so yours is going to be this root. If you click on this button, it will log you into the listing site admin.
Joe: First of all, this is what’s here. We have our listings here and you can put in as many as you want into it. If I want to put more in there, and for example, let’s say it’s my first day on the job and I don’t have any properties to put in here and I don’t want to send anybody to the site because it makes me look like a newbie (which I am but I don’t want anybody to know that) then what we do instead is, as a group, share our listings with each other and allow each other to use them to help build credibility and maybe even sell them for each other.
Joe: So, what I’m going to do is go to this listing site administrator site and log in. There’ll be a login screen. Go to manage incoming data feed listings. And if you click on this, you can see there are 600 of them here.
Joe: Actually, let me go back here. It shows that there are 664 in here right now. There are 664 listings all over the country, maybe not in your town, but then again you don’t have to have them in your town to build some credibility. They just need to be somewhere nearby or someplace that you feel you can justify. And you can pick as many of them as you want. You can put all 600 on your site if you want to, but it’s not really necessary.
Joe: What I would suggest instead is, for example, let’s say I live in Indiana, and I go in here and pick Indiana as a site. You can see that the three that I have on my site right now are Indiana properties. If I want to do other properties in Indiana, and let’s say I want this ad, this ad and this one and this one, etc. I’m going to approve all of the ones I’ve selected and it’ll turn them all green. And when I go back to my site, you’ll see that the three that I had in there already, and once I refresh this site, all of these others are going to come up.
Joe: Some of them have photos and some of them don’t and some of them are showing sold and some are not, so you might want to go through and pick the ones that you want. If you put sold there, at least it’ll show that you’re doing something. So they’re still decent to have.
Joe: And then, if I want to get rid of those again, I can click on these and get rid of all of them. I can remove all selected, and once that happens, go back to the site and refresh it, and presto! – This is what it looked like when we started.
Joe: You can also change the color on these sites. If I go back to the login here I can click on the settings button and I can use different templates. If, instead of orange and green, I want it to be blue and gold, I can do that and then I can save it and go back here and refresh and it’ll change the color. Then you can scroll through and decide on the one that you want to use. You can pick any of them that you like. I like the orange and green one but you may not. So, you can change those and make them any color that you want.
Joe: Let’s also go back to the site. I put some more back onto the site here so that we can look at them again. One of the things to look at is that when you select the state, you see only Indiana shows up here, but that’s because I only have Indiana properties. If I had other properties, they would come up, too. You don’t want to have all of the states there and then have them try to click on them and not find any listings. You want to have only the states that are going to be there.
Joe: Then, once I click on the state, it’s going to give me the city that we had. If I don’t pick a city and then we go here, it’s going to tell me to select a state first. So I’m going to select a state, then I’ll pick a city and then hit search and I can use any of these other criteria to pull up the ones that are in that area.
Joe: There are some other nice features that are here. There’s a mortgage calculator. Let me show you that in a second. Let’s just go to one of these properties and take a look at it. You can put multiple pictures in here for any of these properties. It’s just a little house hat we’ve actually got. I actually own this house that we’re selling. I also have it as a rental property.
Joe: It gives information about the property. It tells them what to do and it talks about the monthly payment and what we charge them to get into it.
Joe: It also has some nice little features where you can click on links to Zillow and Trulia. I’m not going to open these here, but HomeGain, Trulia and Zillow will also give more information about this property. And, you can also do a map of this property so that people can go and look at the map of the property on MapQuest, and that’ll take them right to it. They can go and look at pictures of it as well on there.
Joe: So this is a great little tool. It also has a couple of places here where, if they’re investors and they want to buy a foreclosure property, they can click here. They can buy rent to buy homes here. They can put themselves on the list. If they’re investors, they can sign up for your investor list.
Joe: So, it’s a really cool little site that has lots of little functions that’ll get people engaged and get them calling you when they’re ready to buy the property.

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