How To View Your Email Leads And How Those Leads Get To You


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Read Transcript for “How To View Your Email Leads And How Those Leads Get To You”

Joe: Now that you’ve got your system up and running, I want to show you how to look at your leads. Hopefully you’ve already gotten to this. Hopefully you’ve been sending out emails and voice blasts and you’ve been able to look at your leads. I’m going to show you right now how you look at your email blasts.

Joe: That’s done by going to lead response, and then once you do that, you’re going to see some of the leads that are coming in. You can see we’ve gotten quite a few of them (we’ve been doing it for a little bit longer than most people). Over here, it’s going to show you that this person said no. These haven’t been categorized yet. These are brand new and they need to be categorized based on what they say. This says thumbs up and that it’s a yes. And this one here is a yes with a phone number.

Joe: You also have to remember that the categorization or the classification filters that we use on these emails works with a keyword algorithm that tries to determine whether or not it’s a yes or a no or a yes with a phone number. If it can’t determine it, then it puts up this little red question mark. And if it can determine them, it gives it one of these things. But it’s not always right – it’s only right about 60 to 70% of the time, so sometimes you have to come in here and make the changes.

Joe: When you get a yes or a yes with a phone number, you’re going to get an email from the system with the email that came from that person. So let’s just take an example lead out of here. This is somebody who said yes. Scroll over here and you see he said, ‘Well, we could talk about that. What would you like to do and how do we get started?’

Joe: He’s wanting an email response. So when that happens, and this is a yes – he actually gets an email response automatically and its coming from a place called Contactor Plus. So, he’s going to get an automatic response that will give him a link to your rent to own seller site that’s part of your clone site system and it explains to him what needs to be done. So, it’s actually working in the background.

Joe: Now, one of the things that you can do with these leads that say yes but don’t give you a phone number in the response, because sometimes they give you phone numbers in the ad and sometimes they don’t, so it’s worth taking a look to see if there’s anything in the ad that might have that information. This is the text information from the ad. But let’s look at the actual original ad and see if it’s still on the site. It doesn’t look like there’s any phone numbers here that I can see. There’s not a phone number here. This one doesn’t have a phone number.

Joe: It’s always worth looking to see if they do just in case you can give them a call, because if they’re saying yes and want more information, then it’s worth your time to go ahead and do that.

Joe: If you look at this one and find out that it’s really somebody saying, ‘No, I’m not interested,’ then what you can do is click on this button here and you can reclassify it as a thumbs down. It’ll take it out of the yes campaign in Contactor Plus (which is the email responder) and it’ll put it into the no campaign.

Joe: We still follow up with people who say no but we just do it a different way. We wait three weeks before we send them another email and that email says, ‘We’re still interested in buying your house.’ And then three weeks later, it sends them another one, and then, three weeks later, it sends them another one until they either work with us, die or unsubscribe. There’s a little link on all of these emails, by the way, that allow them to unsubscribe and that makes it very easy for them to do that.

Joe: Let me show you the Contactor Plus setup. This just shows that it’s set up here so that the yes, no and yes with phone number – so that this is the campaign that’s yes (that’s why it’s checked). This is the campaign that’s no, and this is yes with a phone number. If you go to your Contactor Plus account…

Joe: Let me show you that real quick. The easiest way to get to your Contactor Plus account is to go to your clone site admin, scroll down the page to the autoresponder control panel and click on this link. It’ll open up this page, (if I’ve got my password) I put in the proper password and it’ll open that up. And, if you scroll down the page here…

Joe: I haven’t been using this particular account. This is a different one than the one that’s connected to the AutoMarketer that I was showing you. They would be going into these and you’d see how many people have gone into those particular campaigns. We’ve used some of these other campaigns for other things like our buyer campaign and such.

Joe: So I just want you to know how that’s working. When it goes into that Contactor Plus campaign, it’s sending out those emails to follow up with those people.

Joe: But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t call them. Calling is the most effective way of putting these deals together. So call as many of them as you can and you’re going to have a better conversion rate, plus it’s going to get you up to bat (talking to these people more times) which makes you better at it. The more you do it, the better you get at it, if you pay attention to what you’re doing, and if you go back and listen to the ‘Talking To Sellers’ audio that’s on the training tab over here.

Joe: Alright, good luck. I hope you enjoy it!

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