How Your New Seller Site Converts Your Leads


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Read Transcript for “How Your New Seller Site Converts Your Leads”

Joe: I’ve talked about some of this in some other videos but I wanted to go through it in just one fell swoop and show you the path of your leads. What’s happened is that your Automarketer has sent out email to your leads on Craigslist and BackPage and they have responded. When those responses come in, they come in through the lead response tab down below here. So if I scroll down the page here and I look, there’s a yes, there’s a no, there’s a yes with a phone number and there’s a ‘We weren’t able to classify it’ or a ‘The system wasn’t able to classify it’ and you have to do it manually. You can click on any of these and you can change which category they’re in because it only categorizes them correctly about 70% of the time, so you’ll have to go in there and take a look at them and make sure it’s done right.
Joe: When you get a lead that comes into here, and it’s either a yes or yes or a phone number or it needs to be classified, it’s going to send you an email and that email will tell you what type of lead it is. It’ll also have the response that’s written by those people, or you can read the response by clicking on it and then scrolling over and reading the response over here.
Joe: So that’s what’s happening first, but, when it’s being categorized, this lead is not only being sent to you but it’s also being sent to Contactor Plus. Let me show you how you can access these things by going into your clone site admin page.
Joe: You go into your clone site admin page and scroll down the page to the autoresponder control panel. That’s your Contactor Plus account. I’m going to go right into it here, and it shows the different campaigns. And you can also do campaign show and it’ll pull up the same page.
Joe: But I’m going to scroll down here. These are the three different campaigns for the Auto Marketer. This one says, ‘Yes I’m interested.’ This one says, ‘I’m interested. You should give me a call.’ This one says, ‘I’m not interested at all,’ so the thumbs up, thumbs down and the telephone receiver, and this is the message that’s going out to these leads when they go into this database. You’ll be able to go look at this number here and find out how many people are in that database. We haven’t been sending leads to this particular autoresponder, but if they were sent into here, then they would get the messages that are on this list here. You can read these messages here.
Joe: So when they get this message in this email that they’re sending (you can edit this and change it if you like but you’ll probably just want to use it as it is) it’ll send them to your webpage and your webpage for rent to own sellers, which is this next one.
Joe: Let me go back first to the clone site admin and show you where it is on this as well, the rent to own sellers site. It’s going to look just like this (“Sell your home rent to buy”). It’s going to tell them about what kind of offer we’re making and it’s going to allow them – it’s going to use this audio, and if you listen to the audio, it basically is me reading this document here without putting my name in it and putting your name in it, although the audio doesn’t have your name on it.
Joe: Then they can put in their information about their property and then say, ‘Yes, I’d consider selling my home with a lease option.’ And when they do that, then they go back into Contactor Plus. Let’s go back to campaigns show. We’re going to look down here at rent to own sellers. That’s what this page is. And if they opt in, it’s going to go into this form here and then they’re going to start getting this list of messages.
Joe: It’s going to say, ‘Thanks for registering.’ If you read this message here (I’m not going to do that here) but if you read that message here, it’s going to send them to the lease option memo that they can sign online.
Joe: Let’s go back to the clone site so that I can show you where it’s at on the clone site. If I scroll down the page to lease option agreement memo, that’s where it’s going to take them, which I’ve opened up here. If they fill out this form here, scroll down to the bottom, put in their information and checkmark this box, and this says, ‘Clicking on the ‘I agree’ button acts as your electronic signature’ and when they click on that, it sends you an email. Any time they fill out a form, by the way, it sends you an email. Filling out that form also puts them into Contactor Plus, and when that happens, those people are ready to go. You have control over their property. All you have to do is talk to them, get the key from them, get a sign in the yard, get some pictures, put it up on Craigslist and get the process going to sell that property.
Joe: This makes that process very easy. Not everybody goes through this process and only a few of them are actually going to get to the point where they actually fill out this lease option agreement memo. Almost everybody that I’ve worked with who has used this system eventually gets people to fill this out. But you’re going to be able to be involved in this process from the very beginning so as soon as they respond, some of those people are going to say, ‘Give me a call.’
Joe: And, then, when you’re talking to them, you can send them to this lease option memo or you can send it to them as a link in an email. But I suggest that if you want to be as proactive as possible and get as many deals as possible, when the people say give me a call, that you give them a call, make that stuff happen and put those deals together. Those are the people who are already interested in what we have to say.
Joe: They may say, ‘Well, I want $20,000 down for me to do that, but I’d consider doing it.’ You still need to call them and you need to talk to them. And you need to listen to the ‘Talking To Sellers’ audio that’s on the training tab of the program here. Go to the training tab and there is an audio. If you go down here to ‘Training Conference Calls With Joe’ and then you want to scroll down this thing and it says, ‘Talking To Sellers’ and you can listen to this audio and it tells you how to talk to sellers. The first thing that you want to listen to is this ‘For Rent Method’ to make sure you understand how this deal structure works, and then listen to the ‘Talking To Sellers ‘ because it helps you understand how to talk to these folks.
Joe: So, that’s the process for this whole thing in just kind of a quick walkthrough. Of course, we do pretty much the same thing with voice blaster campaigns as well. The problem with voice blaster leads that come in is that they don’t have email addresses so we can’t put them into the autoresponder. But you can do another email blast out to those people, so if you ever want to take those numbers… You can upload your own list of phone numbers from a .csv file. I don’t talk about how to do that in this process but it’s a pretty simple process if you know how to create a little database. If you don’t, let me know and we’ll send you a quick explanation on how to do that.
Joe: Anyway, that’s it. That’s the process and it’ll help you understand how your site converts your leads.

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